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What is the difference between pro-choice and pro-lifer's view about the beginning of life?

At the center of the pro-choice / pro-life debate is the prioritization of values. . The pro-life perspective believes that life - all Human life - is sacred, and must be (MORE)
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Was Dwight Eisenhower Pro Choice?

There was no choice in 1958. You either had the baby or went into an office up a dark alleyway. Had your uterus scraped and went home and cried.
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Is Barack Obama pro life or pro choice?

Barack Obama is EXTREMELY pro choice... any age (before birth); any reason (or no reason); force people who find it appalling to pay for it... Karma: What goes around comes (MORE)
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What is the difference between pro-life and pro-choice?

Pro-life is against abortion. They think the fetus is a creature of it's own and that the mother does not have the right to decide whether it should live or not. Pro-choice (MORE)
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Is Taylor swift pro-life or pro-choice and show your evidence please?

Pro-life. Proof: she was among several celebrities who autographed a harley-davidson motorcycle being raffled off by a pro-life group called "Room at the Inn" to raise funds t (MORE)
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What was the original cause of pro life and pro choice?

For the most part it all started back when the Supreme courts ruled in the controversial 1973 Roe. vs. Wade case and struck down most laws against abortions. Since then, the c (MORE)
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Difference between pro-life and pro-choice?

Pro life: against abortion, leaving only birth, support choices only after pregnancy and birth (parenting or adoption). Pro choice: for birth as well as abortion, w/e t (MORE)
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Does the American Girl doll promote pro-life or pro-choice?

I would say neither. They donated money to Girls.Inc that promotes girls rights and empowerment. Girls.Inc talk about abstinence as well as sex and birth control and abortion (MORE)
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Is Ron Paul pro choice or pro life?

Ron Paul has said that he is personally against abortion. However, he advocating leaving the decision of the legality of abortion up to the individual states (have no federal (MORE)
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When does life begin if you are pro choice?

Human tissue is always alive from the start, so is the sperm etc. It's not about when it starts but about development. It's the pro-life side that cares about when it starts. (MORE)
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Is roe pro life or pro choice?

She was pro-choice when she went to court in Roe v. Wade but the case was not done until 2 years after her daughter was born and adopted away and years later she turned pro-li (MORE)
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What is meaning of pro-life and pro-choice?

A person who identifies as "pro-life" believes in the right to life of ALL people from the moment of conception until natural death. This why a pro-life person is against abor (MORE)
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Are hills like white elephants story pro-life or pro-choice?

It is a pro-life story. By deciding to keep her baby, the woman chooses life, which is symbolized by the beautiful grain and trees, river, and mountains. This is a stark compa (MORE)
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What is the difference between pro choice and pro lifers view about the beginning of life?

Sometimes there are none. The different views are many and individual. Some pro lifers feel life starts at conception and that is often based on religion but not always. other (MORE)
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What is the difference between pro choice and pro lifer's view about the beginning of life?

This is a difficult question to answer because not all "pro-life" people think alike, nor do all "pro-choice" people. For example, a large percentage of people who identify as (MORE)
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Is a modest proposal by Jonathan Swift in favor of pro-choice or pro-life?

First, it should be noted that such terms did not exist in Swift's day, nor was his book about abortion. Rather, it was a satire about the callous attitude some in Ireland and (MORE)
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Is a modest proposal by Jonathan swift in favor of pro choice or pro life?

The book, of course, is satire: make fat Irish babies so some people could eat them later and cut down on the poverty problem at that time in Ireland. I had to read it as part (MORE)
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Is celebrate recovery pro life or pro choice?

Both! Nobody is forcing chocolate donuts down your face (Pro Choice) and not doing so is very likely to increase your life expectancy (Pro Life). When it comes to issues such (MORE)
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Is Unwind by Neal Shusterman about pro life and pro choice?

I see it as pro-life for two reasons: 1) The setting is very dystopian, yet the characters can't seem to decide if it's any worse than a world where abortion is legal. 2) In (MORE)
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Are Lutherans pro-choice or pro-life?

Lutherans are Christians but as with all Christians and religions everyone is different and have different opinions on the matter. So it depends on who you ask. It can also di (MORE)