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Who is Zuzana Light?

Zuzana LIght is an internet fitness instructor from the Czech Republic. Her older videos are hugely popular on YouTube, both under her brand Zuzka Light and the venture with (MORE)
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What is Zuzana Light nationality?

Zuzana Light is Czech. Back when she was porn star 'Susana Spears' she was a very popular in her native Prague, &Berlin and London, not to mention the internet. Apparently (MORE)
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Where does Zuzana Light live?

She lives in Los Angeles She and husband Freddy divorced and sheleft and now has her own fitness YouTube channel.
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Who is zuzana spears?

She is a youtube workout star and a pornstar from Czech. AKA Zuzana Light. As of October 2011 looks like loving hubby Fredie who lives with his mummy is trying go take ove (MORE)
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Is zuzana light married?

Yes, she mentions going shopping with her husband on one of her more recent posts. Her husbands name is Frederick "Freddy" Light.
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Is Zuzana Light susana spears?

Yes, it is the same person. Youtube fitness queen = Zuzana Light Naughty movie star = Susana Spears Same person but uses different names.
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What is the height and weight of zuzana light?

166 cm = 5'4 . Zuzana is actually 5'7" Zuzana has not said how much she weighs. She said she does not weigh herself, but goes off how she looks and feels.
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Are porns bad?

no because it helps with hernia and as long as the women or men areabove or are 18
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Who is Zuzana Bodyrock?

Zuzana Bodyrock's full name is actually Zuzana Light. According the the website, she and her husband/boyfriend (Federick) currently live in NYC, but the same si (MORE)
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Where is zuzana?

Away for at least2 more weeks she has an abdominal "situation" to overcome... -Insider
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Where is Zuzana light now?

She is in LA right now, starting up all over after the breakup from her husband and coworker Freddy! You can watch her new workouts on youtube.
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What job does Zuzana Husarova do?

Zuzana Husarova is a postdoc researcher, academic and writer. She is a teacher at the Comenius University in Bratislava where she teaches Intercultural Communication, American (MORE)
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When was Zuzana Bocekava born?

Zuzana Bocekava was born on April 22, 1920, in Komrno, Czechoslovakia [now Slovak Republic].
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When was Zuzana Brejcha born?

Zuzana Brejcha was born in 1953, in Prague, Czechoslovakia.