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16 f t f?

this quaqraestion equals the multiple of pie which is 56697849.098 that construbutes to the quaqraestion 16 f tf which equal wow a long one (5.6> 530) +78 _56ft divide that by (MORE)

How can the key of F become F?

There is no way. In music, there are only 12 keys. 2 have an 'f' in it. They are F and F # . (F b is actually the same a 'E'). There is no such thing as F-, is there! (Exce (MORE)

The f in f-stop?

Full Actually it means "function". The 'f' in 'f-stop' is a mathematical function representing the focal length of the lens divide by the diameter of the aperture. For most (MORE)

What does the f stand for f troop?

It could stand for a number of things. However, in my personal opinion, it probably refers to The DIVISION such as A, B, C: However they called it TROOP in The Series (which w (MORE)

How can F become F?

Simple. When you say 'F', I hope you mean the one that you get from a teacher for bad work. If you want an F to become F-, do one of the following: 1) Go to another school wi (MORE)

What does F mean on F-15?

It means the USAF designation " fighter ". The air superiority or multirole fighters with ground attacking capability, fleet defence or dogfight skill is classified as fighter (MORE)