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Does your debt travel with you from country to country?

Answer . \nNo, not in the sense that a person can be legally pursued or have credit denied due to the credit history in another country. However, if the person has had cred ( Full Answer )
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What countries are considered Asian countries?

Any country that is exclusively located on the Asian continent (Israel, Iran, India, China, Korea) is considered an Asian country, some countries that reside on the Asian cont ( Full Answer )
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What is a country?

A country is an independent state or nation with its own government. A self-governing nation A group of provinces or cities that are under the rule of a central government.
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What are countries?

In geography, a country is a geographical region. The term is often applied to a political division or the territory of a state, or to a smaller, or former, political divisi ( Full Answer )
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How do countries colonize other countries?

They simply send their armies to the country, take over it and claim it as their own. Most colonisation was done around 600 years ago when much of the world, such as the Ameri ( Full Answer )
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What country are they in?

Black bears live in the United States. They can be found in manyareas in and around the Smokey Mountains.
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What country are you in?

I am in England but you might be in the Usa,Ireland,Scotland or Wales but you could be in England aswell.
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What country has country code 255.968.977.

In its entirety, that is not a valid country code. What you may be looking for is the answer to puzzle 10 from God Tower (see related link.) You have to search each of the ( Full Answer )
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Countries with an a in them?

Norway Australia Austria America Venezuela Brazil Argentina Scotland England Wales Iceland Ireland Greenland Denmark Holland South Africa Japan China India Pakistan Indonesia ( Full Answer )
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What country has the most surrounding countries?

China and Russia have the most neighboring countries with 14 neighbors each. China borders Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma) ( Full Answer )
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Which country is the best country in the world?

At best you can only hope to get a lot of opinion to this question.No better answer can be given. People will have reasons for theanswers they share, and should share those re ( Full Answer )
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Is Quebec a country within a country?

No, Quebec is not a country, Quebec is a Province of Canada. Quebec City is the capital of that province. In 1980 and 1995 referendums were held to have the province become it ( Full Answer )
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How are diseases spread from country to country?

By people and animals which get diseased while in a certain country say France and then, while their still ill, travel to a different country say china.
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How do rats move from country to country?

Mostly by sewers, but sometimes they might hitch a ride on a passing lorry. Sometimes they have been known to be in holds of ships!
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Which country is landlocked country?

List of landlocked countries Country Area (km²) . Afghanistan. 647500. Andorra. 468. Armenia. 29743. Austria. 83871. Azerbaijan [a] . 86600. Belarus. 20 ( Full Answer )
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Which country is called the father country?

This differs depending on the person. It is usually the country in which their father was born, or their father's father, etc..
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How does a country become a country?

a country becomes a country when it marks where its territory is going to be and calls it "theirs" for example "from this border to this border is the new faboam(example) nati ( Full Answer )
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What country is surronded by one country?

The following countries only border one other nation. . Canada . Haiti . Dominican Republic . Ireland . United Kingdom . Portugal . Monaco . San Marino . Vatican Ci ( Full Answer )
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What you do for your country?

we built industries more and more in our country to reduce unemployment and also to reduce poverty........
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What countries have borders with the country of Australia?

Australia does not have a land border with any country. However, itdoes have official borders / maritime boundary treaties with othercountries, as specific water borders are o ( Full Answer )
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What can your country do for you?

The only thing that your country (if it is the U.S.) has to do for you is uphold the Bill of Rights. . First Amendment - Establishment Clause, Free Exercise Clause ; free ( Full Answer )
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Are there countries in countries?

Yes. Some examples are Vatican City (in Italy) and Lesotho and Swaziland (landlocked in South Africa).
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What countries are the the Alpine countries?

The Alpine States or Alpine Countries are the countries that have some part of the Alps in their country. These are Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slo ( Full Answer )
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Which countries are euro club countries?

The European Club Association consists of fifty-five clubs: Albania Andorra Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Brazil Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgar ( Full Answer )
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What country or countries is tripoli in?

There is a city known as Tripoli in three countries: Lebanon, Libya, and the United States.
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What country or countries is Andes?

The Andes are a mountain range that run through Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina and Peru.
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What country is country code FM?

FM is the ISO country code for the Federated States of Micronesia in the Pacific.
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What does a country have to have?

It has to have people in it and a gorvernment even if it is not a very good one and an economy again even if it is not very good. And it needs to be on land.
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What your country can do for you and what you can do for your country?

It is no need for me that what my country do for me its only i haveto serve my country with my heart and soul . Because if you arepatriotic to your country than you are honest ( Full Answer )
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What if there were no countries?

It would be like 1984. We may be headed that way now sinceuniversal currency (like the Euro) is how it starts