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What country gets most of the oil that comes down the pipeline?

Canada Answer When the Trans Alaska Pipeline was constructed it was illegal to ship any of the oil from Alaska to other countries. Then during the Clinton Administration whe ( Full Answer )
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How do you communicate if the power grid of the country shuts down?

On short distances, you could talk. On slightly larger distances, you can shout, wave, use semaphores or smoke signals. You can use a battery-powered torch to communicate with ( Full Answer )
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List down the different province in your country?

I live in holland so I don`t really know why you want tis but ok, here goes:. friesland, groningen, drenthe, noord-holland, flevoland, overijsel, limburg, gelderland, nood-br ( Full Answer )
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How many people per country have Down syndrome?

Though actual figures are not available for all countries the average incidence of Downs syndrome is approximately 1 in 800 live births.
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Why is the down on you lyric on New Perspective by Panic at the Disco blocked in some countries?

The lyrics in the song, "when I comedown on you" are referring to adrug comedown. a comedown is the feeling of being ill once a drugis beginning to wear off. Drugs with a guar ( Full Answer )
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What countries broke down from the USSR?

There are 15 countries that broke down from the USSR. These are: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ta ( Full Answer )
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How is cross-country skiing different from down hill skiing?

Quite a bit is different. The gear is different, the skis are straight, as opposed to downhill skis being curved (the curve makes it easier to turn on a downhill slope), the b ( Full Answer )
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Which countries in black hawk down?

The movie black hack down was made after the Somali government collapsed and then the United States attack for government rebuilding. After then the Somali militias defeated t ( Full Answer )
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Why do countries cut down trees?

there are many reasons countries cut down trees. One reason is to make shelter, such as a house. Another reason is to have firewood, and even paper!
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Why did President George Washington did not want this country to go down hill?

Because he fought hard for it and he knew the cost for it (many lives, including people he knew). He knew the country was based upon a system that was completely different tha ( Full Answer )
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Explorers for what country traveled down the Mississippi river claiming all that land for their country?

The explorers were from France , from the French settlements around the Great Lakes in Canada (Quebec). The most prominent were Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet, ( Full Answer )
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Should countries cut down the rain forest?

The rain forest should not be cut down because by cutting down the rainforest they are reducing the amount of oxygen made by trees so we will die quicker. Also animals live in ( Full Answer )
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Which country singer sang lay me down?

The group The Dirty Heads sing the song Lay Me Down along with Rome being featured on the single. The song can be found and streamed on YouTube. It is also on Track 6 of their ( Full Answer )
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Is Australia the only country considered down under?

Australia is not the only country "down under", but in area it is the largest country that is completely within the Southern Hemisphere. Add to that the fact that it is an iso ( Full Answer )