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Which Asian nation has a king?

"Which Asian nation hasa king?" . The Asian Nations that have a King are Thailand, Nepal and Bhutan. Laos, Cambodia, Burma and others used to have one but now are republics ( Full Answer )
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What was the nationality of King Canute?

Canute's father was Svein Forkbeard and his mother was daughter of Miesko the First of Poland. He was, therefore of mixed descent, half Danish and half Polish.
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What nationality is the surname King?

These days, it could be any nationality. But it arose as a surnamearound 1050 A.D. in Devon, England.
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As citizens of a democracy do you have responsibilities to other nations?

This depends on your theory of ethics. Assuming responsibilities were the standard by which individuals should act, then there would need to be sufficient and necessary criter ( Full Answer )
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How can a king give a citizen natural rights?

A truly sovereign king can give citizens whatever rights hechooses. In most cases, kings did not impart those rights to anycitizen.
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Where is Citizens and Southern National Bank now?

C&S National Bank (Florida, Georgia & SC) merged with Sovran Bank in 1990 to create C&S/Sovran. In 1992, NCNB (North Carolina National Bank) successfully bid and acquired C& ( Full Answer )
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Who was king david in folk nation?

First off Folks don't call themselves Kings, because the Latin Kings are one of their rivals. But David Barksdale is co-founder of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation(now just ( Full Answer )
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Can a British citizen have dual nationality?

It depends which country he/she wants to become a citizen of. e.g. US and Canada, you can maintain you British citizenship; Norway and Spain, you can't.
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What does it take to be a good citizen in the nation?

Nascar, Monster Trucks, Chicks, and Beer. :D Not really "A good American uses the freedom they have been given to make life better for others; working for the common good ( Full Answer )
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How do you be a good citizen in a national park?

Well there are many ways you can be a good citizen in a national park. One of which is making sure that there is always a landing strip for the UFOs as they like t come and vi ( Full Answer )
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Why did the citizens of Thebes make Oedipus the king?

The Sphinx was holding Thebes captive until someone answered it's riddle. Desperate for relief, Creon offers whoever can answer the riddle the hand of his sister Jocasta, rece ( Full Answer )
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Should citizens be involved in nation building?

yes i do because i will help to envolve the world to what people like if you don't then it will cause a rift between people and they wont be very happy
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What is the difference between a citizen and a noncitizen national?

A citizen is a member of a nation who was either born there or naturalized and who owes allegianec to the government while receiving certain rights and protections in return. ( Full Answer )
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How citizen should serve their nation?

Serve your communitty and vote for local and national official. A nation can serve you if you don't vote on what you want done.
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What was King George 3 nationality?

King George III of England was born in England, but his great grandfather (George I) was German.
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Why is the King Protea the national flower?

I should imagine,that it is because they are found extensively in South Africa, especially along what they call the garden route.
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Is Burger King national?

Burger King is actually international. At the end of fiscal year 2011, Burger King reported it had more than 12,400 outlets in 73 countries around the world. Burger King is al ( Full Answer )
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Is Citizens bank a regional or national bank?

Citizens and Southern is a National Bank. National Bank Holdings Corporation is a bank holding company created to build. Citizens National Bank in Mississippi provides service ( Full Answer )
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What was king Herod's nationality?

\n. King Herod was born in 73 BCE in Judea. Herod's mother was an ethnic Arab and his father was an Edomite. When Rome made Herod a client king, many Jews resented it. Althou ( Full Answer )
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What is an assembly of roman citizens instead of a king?

During the 244 years of the Roman monarchy (753 to 509 BC), the king was elected by an assembly of Roman citizens called the comitia curiata. This assembly also voted on other ( Full Answer )
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When did Citizens National Bank first start?

Citizens National Bank was chartered on December 12, 1919. The first Citizens National Bank branch opened for business in Somerset, Kentucky on February 14, 1920.
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Who was the first king of the Arabic nation?

Abdul Aziz Al-Saud was the first king of Saudi Arabia. However,there is no distinct thing as the "Arabic nation". There are over22 Arab countries of which about half are monar ( Full Answer )
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Why do citizen defend their nation?

Who else will? Think of each nation as a family, within aneighborhood. They are required to take care of themselves, so ifone family is endangered they must protect themselves ( Full Answer )
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What is king Nebuchadnezzar's nationality?

King Nebuchadnezzar II (634-562 BCE) was the greatest king ofancient Babylon ,succeeding his father, Nabopolassar. King Nabopolassar had defeatedthe Assyrians with the help ( Full Answer )
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What nationality was king David?

David, a descendant of Boaz and Ruth, had an ancestry running back through Perez to Judah. His lineage would make him a Hebrew, or a Jew.