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What pranks can you play on your mean younger brother?

Well some good pranks to play on your brother would to put serand wrap on the toilet seat and when he goes to go to the bathroom it doesn't go in the toilet! Hope that helps!
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What is mileys younger brothers name?

christopher Cody is her half brother trace is her older and her younger sister is noah her older sister i have forgotten mom tish dad billy ray they r her fam
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What easy pranks can you play on your younger brother?

Well here are two simulair pranks.. Offer to make him a drink and put salt in it.. Or offer to make him a drink and put food colouring in it to make it look like squash or s (MORE)
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What's Avrils brother named?

Matt Lavigne is Avril's older brother.. She also has a little sister named Michelle Lavigne.
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Why does my younger brother always want to play with me?

Young children often form an attachment to older siblings. The sibling is familiar, being a member of the family, but smaller than an adult, so seen as more accessible. Many (MORE)