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Are skin rashes caused by allergies?

Allergies can show themselves through various skin reactions. Themain reactions are rashes (small bumps or larger red patches),hives (also called urticaria; itchy, red raised (MORE)
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What kind of allergy tests are there?

Not exactly sure what they call it, but they can take a razor blade and make small scratches in rows on ur backs with #'s next to them then tahy add a drop of different things (MORE)
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What is skin allergy?

An allergic response is the body's way of recognizing a harmful substance. Sometimes this mechanism becomes hypersensitive and reacts to things that are not harmful. That is w (MORE)
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What causes skin allergies?

The release of histamine causes the itching. Hence the use of "antihistamines" to get rid of the itching.
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What are different kinds of skin care product?

Vitamin F (omega 6): anti- aging and anti-dryness of skin . Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin, UV protection, and aids in cutaneous micr (MORE)
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What are the different kinds of skin diseases?

There are hundreds of different skin diseases. Acne is one of themost common. Nearly $2 billion is spent yearly treating andpreventing it. Skin cancer is another type of commo (MORE)
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Can cats cause skin allergies?

Yes, though it is more common to experience hayfever like symptoms such as a runny nose and watery eyes. If you did have a skin rash it would be unlikely that a cat was the ca (MORE)
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What skin allergies do boxer dogs get?

Dogs can suffer from allergies as well as cause them. In fact, allergies are all too common among canines. They can't be cured, but they can be treated, both with medication a (MORE)
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Your french poodle has a skin allergy?

Stop feeding him table scraps and human food. This is very bad for animals. Ask your veterinarian what food and how much to feed you dog.
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What do you for a skin allergy to a computer mouse?

Contact dermatitis can be caused by certain chemical additives added to the plastic from which the mouse is made. In particular resorcinol monobenzoate, has been identified as (MORE)
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Is dogs bad for skin allergy?

it depends if your skin allergy can be be triggered by dogs... it would be best to consult a doctor first ... an allergist can give you shots to reduce your sensitivity to (MORE)
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What is the best brand of cream for skin allergy?

If you have a bad skin allergy ou should visit your doctor and he will prescirbe you with the right cream. Also Stop eatting or doing the thing that is giving you the allergy. (MORE)
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What can a lotion do to skin allergies?

Lotion is a name for a viscous liquid that is used on the skin - it does not have any particular ingredients, so your question has no answer.
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What to do about cat skin allergy problem?

Cats have many allergy's just like humans. sorry if i didnt give u the answer that u would like to have! If it is mild allergies, give some cat allergy medicine from the cl (MORE)
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What is First Aid for skin Allergy?

For Mild Allergy Symptoms: Give An Over-the-counter antihistamine. For Stuffy Nose: give Over-the-counter Decongestant. For Watery Eyes: use OTC allergy eye Drops. For Itchy a (MORE)
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How do you cure a skin allergy?

Allergies are really hard to cure. What you can do is treat the symptoms and learn to avoid what's causing the reaction.
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What kinds of allergy tests are there?

These tests usually begin with prick tests or patch tests, which expose the skin to small amounts of allergen to observe the response.
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What is the medicine of allergy in skin?

The specialty that handles allergic skin reactions is an allergist or immunologist or even your general practitioner or dermatologist. Skin allergies fall under the category o (MORE)
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What are symptoms of skin allergies?

Skin reactions include.hives.Contact dermatitis.eczema.Injection of allergens.may cause system-wide well as the local ones of swelling and (MORE)
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Can food allergies cause a skin disorder?

Yes. But this depends of what food it is and what sort of skin you have. If you eat lots of greasy foods you could possibly end up with Acne. Consult your doctor if you have a (MORE)
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What is the treatment for skin allergies?

If you are having severe allergies than you must go for a checkupto dermatologist who will do a thorough diagnosis of the conditionthat is causing you with the skin allergies (MORE)
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What is medicine for skin allergy?

Check with your doctor it depends on the skin condition, but most dry skin problems its great to use glycerin, its a clear sweet syrup but its found in most skin cream's and i (MORE)
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Can gold cause skin allergies?

I'm not sure about gold, but I am allergic to cheap metals like the little necklaces you get at the dollar store and stuff. I have to buy stainless steel or gold. Anything els (MORE)
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How can you tell if you have skin allergies?

An allergist or immunologist is the most qualified to determine if you itchy skin reaction is indeed a skin allergy. An allergist will do skin testing to determine what exact (MORE)
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How can you help your dog with skin allergies?

To some degree, this will depend upon what your dog is allergic toand how severe the allergy is - your veterinarian can work with youon this to figure out what the allergens a (MORE)
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What are the main causes of skin allergies in dogs?

There are numerous causes but the main ones are usually dermatitis which is a swelling and irritation of the skin. If your dog has fleas biting and scratching will irritate th (MORE)