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Lucky color of Pisces?

The lucky colours of the zodiac signs are like a colour wheel. Here is a list of the zodiac signs and their colours. . Aries- Red . Taurus- Vermillion (red-orange) . Gem (MORE)
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What is the lucky color for 2009?

Lucky color for 2009 according to feng shui is yellow. For the year 2009, the 5 yellow occupies the North sector of any building corresponding from 337.5° to 22.5°. A (MORE)
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What is the lucky color for a dog in 2009?

Year of the dog? Black will give you luck this new year. Wear black during new year's eve. And wear something new which you had just bought lately and put coins inside your pu (MORE)
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What is the lucky color of Gemini?

I'm a Gemini and wondered the same thing a long time ago it really depends on your personality but i can tell you don't wear black, blue, or red on Monday or Wednesday! bad th (MORE)
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Lucky color for 2010?

Try your luck in 2010 with charms and colors . By Zyann Ambrosio, ABS-CBN News | 12/28/2009 11:57 PM Printer-friendly version | Send to friend | Share your views . MANIL (MORE)
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What is the lucky colors for 2010?

ANSWER: 2010 - tiger in a 'metal' year. So color of the year is silver. For good luck in New year on New-Year night you should wear more silver. Best shape for 2010 is roun (MORE)
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What is olly murs lucky color?

His favourite colour at the moment is blue because he was told by fans that he wears a lot of it.
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What is China's lucky colors?

Red Back in ancient times Chinese ancestors started to manufacture porcelain, and the color of porcelain is all red which they called "red pottery." Of course, the reason is (MORE)
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Is the color purple lucky?

Yes the color purple is lucky......IT'S THE BEST COLOR IN THE WORLD SO DON'T BAG IT!
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What is the lucky color for 2011?

2011 -The Year of the Rabbit beginning from February 3 Colour Purple/Jade Jade is Purified and Honest , Purple is Romantic and Renown , Rooster olive green white
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What is lucky color for saguittarius?

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and responds well to purple. This colour is associated with intelligence, spirituality and wealth.
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What is the lucky color to wear when you gamble?

I have had the most luck and have won the largest jackpots when wearing red or combination of black and red. It probably does not really have anything to do with luck, but I (MORE)
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What is a lucky color in Taiwan?

red. because people in Taiwan believe the colour would bring prosperity for themselves. you can see many red stuff during Chinese new year
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Why is the color green lucky?

It is part of superstition that four-leaf clovers are lucky, and four-leaf clovers are green, thus the theme of luck is green.
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How do you find your lucky color?

Add your birthday up until you get a single digit and then find thecolors assosiated with that number. EXAMPLE: Born: Feb. 6, 1986 02+06+1+9+8+6=32 32= 3+2= 5 So then you wou (MORE)
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What are lucky colors in japan?

Japan doesn't really have lucky colors they have a meaning or representation for each color!!!!!!!!!!! yellow means Courage White means carnation symbolizes death
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Why is the color red considered lucky?

The color red symbolizes luck in Chinese culture. Chinese believered will drive away evil and misfortune and brings integrity andgood luck.