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How do you change a cracked oil pan on a 1999 VW Beetle?

Call a rollback and have it delivered to your local VW stealership along with your CC info! There are two bolts that are litterally under the transmission that cannot be moved (MORE)

Can an oil pan plug be replaced tightly enough so that it would crack the aluminum oil pan?

oil drain plug woes It would be possible that tightening a drain plug to much into a aluminum oil pan, would more likely strip the thread before cracking the pan. Answer Y (MORE)

Looking for a way to repair a crack on a aluminum oil pan for a 97 aurora?

Answer . Aluminum CAN be welded, but you'll need to remove the pan. That may require partially removing the engine.. Answer . Pull the pan and have it welded. Suggest i (MORE)

What would cause an oil leak around oil pan?

Gasket is bad or bolts around perimeter of pan are in need of a light tightening. ANS 2 - A typical cause of this is people who tighten the bolts round in a circle, as opp (MORE)

What causes water in oil pan?

Usually a blown gasket, usually the head gasket. It creates a seal between the oil and the combustion chamber. When broken oil can leak in and you will have smokey exhaust and (MORE)

Can a crack in a manifold cause an oil leak?

\n. \n Manifold Crack \n. \nThe answer is yes.\n. \nA crack in a manifold is much worse than just the oil leak. Manifold cracks are generally caused by severe overheati (MORE)

Is the oil pan on a 1998 dodge neon aluminum or steel?

The OEM oil pan for the 1998 Dodge Neon is aluminum. However previous years ('95 and '96) used steel. Both versions use the same gasket (and, hence, bolt pattern). While the (MORE)

How much is it to fix a cracked oil pan?

could be free, depends if you've got a welder or not or know how to weld? other option i know of would be drain the oil, pull the oil pan. clean it up good and use j b weld(co (MORE)

What would cause water and oil to mix in oil pan?

You may have driven into a lake!!! If not you could have several problems that would cause this type of injury to your engine. When the engine is cold and you start it up do y (MORE)

What causes gas in the oil pan?

If you have gas in your oil pan, then you probaby have gas in your oil. if you have gas in your oil, then you either have bad piston rings, or a bad carburetor (or injectors i (MORE)

How do you fix a cracked oil pan?

If it is just a small crack, it can be fixed. If it is questionable than just replace. Junk yards are a great place to find good used inexpensive parts, or a good place for ne (MORE)