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What are some good ideas for cooling sibling rivalry and fighting between brothers who are three and four?

Answer . This is pretty normal and it's "the pecking order." I know it usually drives the mothers crazy prying them apart. Do the best you can do, then let your husband (MORE)

What are some good websites that offer information on adoption? Answer . Please go onto: ASK THESE QUESTIONS: How many adoptions are there in the U.S.; what age brackets for adoption are most sought (MORE)

How do you settle a sibling rivalry?

We are in our 60's distance of 6 years has not helped because the older sister does not want get passed pass sensitivities by saying that her husband would like us to come soc (MORE)

What is the main cause of sibling rivalries?

Sibling rivalry may have many causes, but most of them can be affected by parent involvement. In other words, if children aren't getting along well most of the time, parents c (MORE)

Sibling rivalry and self-esteem?

Sibling rivalry can either hurt or help your self-esteem. If you are rivals over everything then someone is going to come out on top and that will help their self-esteem but i (MORE)

Does sibling rivalry hurt?

Depends how far your willing to go to win ANSWER: Some sibling rivalry is normal, even inevitable, but when it gets physical , or is so mean-spirited it leaves emotional sc (MORE)