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How does Chris McCandless relate to Leo Tolstoy?

"An extremely intense young man, McCandless had been captivated bythe writing of Leo Tolstoy. He particularly admired the fact thatthe great novelist had forsaken a life of we (MORE)
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What mistakes did Chris McCandless make that led to his death?

He ate a potato seed that was poisonous Hi! New person: according to "Into The Wild" by Jon Krakauer, hehypothesizes that it was the mold growing on the potato seeds thatkill (MORE)
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Quotes from Chris Brown?

"Haters keep on hatin' - Cos someones Gotta Do it"- Chris Brown
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Location of chris mccandless death?

Chris McCandless (Alexander Supertramp) died of starvation from either eating a Wild Potato Seed or a fungus on a plant he ate. He died 25 miles away from a town called Healy, (MORE)
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Do you believe Chris McCandless is to blame for his own death?

yes, because he was the one who choose to walk into the wild and expose himself into whatever was to happen to him . He didn't really tough about what could of happen to him. (MORE)
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Where in Alaska did chris mccandless die?

American wanderer Christopher McCandless, born on February 12, 1968, died of starvation at Stampede Trail, Alaska, in August 1992, at the age of 24.
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Why did chris McCandless not accept gifts?

He felt that if someone bought gifts for him, he would have toreturn the "favor" and give gifts back to them. He enjoyed thesimple things in life and didnt want the hastle of (MORE)
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How was Chris McCandless like Huckleberry Finn?

Both can be seen as transcendentalists, for both reject society for own morals. McCandless rejects society by "living off the land" along with many other things, and Huck reje (MORE)
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Why did chris mccandless leave home?

He left for mainly 2 reasons. His dad was far too controlling in his life which built up alot of stress, and eventually when he discovered how his dad cheated with his first w (MORE)
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Why was Chris Mccandless afraid of water in the book Into The Wild?

Chris encountered two times in which he almost drowned because ofthe water: once during the flash flood resulting in him leaving hisprized Datsun and another times when he was (MORE)