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What does T T mean?

T.T is supposed to resemble a face.the tops of the t's are closed eys and the lines are streams of tears. the period is the nose. T.T I think its something totally differen (MORE)
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What does d t f mean?

DTF is short for "Down to F***" It is usually applied to a person who is willing to have sexual relations without commitment. A similar word is DTS which is short for "Down to (MORE)
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What does 3 t in a t mean?

It's a kind of riddle where you have to think of a unit of measurement which would fit the equation. In this case: 3 teaspoons in a Tablespoon (MORE)
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What does T-3 or higher mean?

In regards to Data speed or Data Transfers it means that the connection should be T-3 or DS3 or greater. Faster than 45Mbps. Faster Speeds are OC3, OC12, FastE and GigE http: (MORE)
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What does to the T mean?

To the T means that something is just right, such as:. Maid: Was that dinner OK for you?. Man: It was to the t thank-you.
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What does a high t-statistic mean?

A high z-score (or t-score, depending on what info you've been given for the data) means that a number is very far away from the mean (average) number. This number might be an (MORE)
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What does m-a-t-t-e-a mean?

Mattea is not an English word. This section is for definition of ENGLISH words only.
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What does the letter T mean?

It doesn't mean anything. By themselves, the individual letters of the English alphabet are meaningless. They only take on meaning when they are combined with each other to ma (MORE)
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What does the T in T-30 mean?

T = Time (time to launch/ignition) .. used in countdown examples: T-30 = 30 seconds to launch/ignition T-1 = 1 second to launch/ignition T-0 = time of launch/ignitio (MORE)
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What does t- mean?

Probably the abbreviation for the dinosaur genus name Tyrannosaurus. Often when a genus and species name are give together, the first is abbreviated: T. rex
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What does what's the T mean?

A term originated in Black Gay culture circa 1970-1989 that indicated some one was the "T"alk of the "T"own, hence the "T". The term was often used by female impersonators to (MORE)
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What does a low t statistic mean?

T-statistic or t-value measures how many standard errors thecoefficient. The higher the t-value, the greater the confidenceplaced in the coefficient as a predictor. Low t-valu (MORE)

What does it mean if your t cells are high?

A high T cell count could mean one of many things. There is no single conclusion that can be drawn from a high T cell count unless a complete blood test is done and the T cell (MORE)
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What does the T in T-Shirt mean?

A T-shirt... The T in T-shirt is there because the T-shirt is shaped as a T as also the shirt means (this is what I have ALWAYS been told by everyone I have ever asked) so (MORE)
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What is the meaning of a T with a dot over it?

It is unknown what the variable T is, but it is a mathematical notation that a dot over a variable stands for the derivative with respect to time of that variable. So T wit (MORE)
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What does the t mean in t cells?

Thymus Lymphocytes could be roughly divided into two categories. B cell and T cell. Though they both originate from the bone marrow, T cell migrate to the" thymus," where (MORE)
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What does t sur mean?

"t sur" is text message standing for "t'es sur" itself a short form of "tu es sur", meaning "are you / you are sure"
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What does the letter T mean in archery?

First of all, there is no letter "t" in the word "archery." Second, by themselves, the individual letters of the English alphabet are meaningless. They only take on meaning w (MORE)
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What does ain t mean?

it means he is not ..Iam not ..she is not ...have not ....has not ....are not... ( is not & are not ) ex ; this ain t my shirt
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What does the T mean in 10BaseT?

It stands for 'twisted pair'. 10BaseT or Ethernet cable consists of two pairs of wires twisted around each other inside an external sheath.
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What is the meaning of t-tail aircraft?

Most typical aircraft have a conventional tail layout that looks like an upside down 'T' with the vertical stabilizer intersecting the horizontal stabilizer at its bottom end. (MORE)
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What is the meaning of to ship a T-shirt?

This would mean how much it costs to send a t-shirt. If you are buying a shirt from a website, this dollar amount will be added to your order to pay for mailing the shirt to y (MORE)
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What does w or t mean on fuses?

I know the "T" stands for time-delay. Also known as a slow-blow fuse. Not sure about the "W"
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What is lateral t in dance mean?

To create the position resembling the letter "T," a dancer stands on one leg, tilts his or her torso 90 degrees, and counterbalances it with the oppositional energy of the ext (MORE)
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What does rex mean in T-rex?

Rex is Latin for "king". T. rex is short for Tyrannosaurus rex, which means "tyrant lizard king".
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What is t he meaning of gymnastics?

Gymnastics literally means naked exercise. The first person to ever do gymnastics was naked when he ran out did a cartwheel and ran off stage
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What does t mean in low T?

Low T is low levels of testosterone in men over the age of 30. Most of the concern comes from advertising campaigns. An endocrinologist is a physician who specializes in hormo (MORE)
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What does it mean B T U?

British Thermal Unit-used for measurement amount of energy required to heat 1# water 1 degree in a certain period of time
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What does the term 1000base t mean?

The term 1000base t describes gigabit Ethernet over copper wiring. It states that the network segment can be only 100 meters in length and has to use a category 5 cable.