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Is adoption regulated by state or federal agencies?

Adoption Regulations Domestic adoptions are regulated by state agencies for the most part; the state you live in and, if you adopt from out of state, the state the child is a (MORE)
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How does a poor person go about adopting a baby?

Adopting a Baby When Poor Try contacting your local adoption agency or maybe even Children and Family Services. There might be help out there for people who are poor. You can (MORE)
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What forms do i need for personal adoption?

You will need proof of every thing you have ever don in your live suck as birth certificat,e marriage license if ever married, kids birth certificate if you have any, least of (MORE)
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What kind of person adopts?

Answer . \nthe kind of person that adopts is a person that has a big heart to share with the world. someone that would give a kid a second chance in life a person that mis (MORE)
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If a person is aware of a felony murder in Georgia and does not report it can he be charged with misprison of a felony as a State offense or does it have to be a Federal Charge?

'Misprision of Felony,' is the like the concealment of a felony. BUT you must not have given ANY type of assistance to the perpetrator WHATSOEVER, in the commission of the cri (MORE)
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Can you adopt a person to become your nephew?

You can adopt someone to be your child but to be your nephew he had to be adopted by your siblings. Then he will be your nephew. There is no nephew-adoption.
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Can a gay person adopt kids?

As of 2014, a single gay person may adopt in all states exceptUtah. Gay couples may do joint adoptions in about 15 states.
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How can an adopted person find their birth mother?

Ask your adoptive mother or father to see your birthcertificate (if possible) or your adoption certificate. The birthcertificate will probably help a little more, but the adop (MORE)
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What postures would you adopt when restraining a person?

Keep restrained patients under observation. When first restraining, fit and remove the restraint frequently, to allow the patient time to accept it, without becoming more conf (MORE)
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How do you persuaide a person to adopt a child?

I don't think you should persuade anyone to do that. You should tell them the info and perks with adopting but having a child is a big decision that should come naturally. Es (MORE)
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How can a person adopt a dolphin?

There are many wildlife organizations that accept donations to "adopt" a dolphin. These include The Oceanic Society, and The International Fund for Animal Welfare.