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How do you assign different instruments to different keys on a midi keyboard in fl studio?

First, set the range of of the instrument on the little keyboard in the Channel Settings dialog box for the instrument. Do this with all the instruments you want to use at o (MORE)
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What does each key do on a keyboard?

The keys on a computer keyboard are used to type letters andperform functions such as save for copy and paste. The keys on amusical keyboard are used to produced different not (MORE)
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Keys on a keyboard?

On a full grand piano, 88 keys. Some Keyboards like electric ones have varying amounts of keys, i have a keyboard that has 61 keys.
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What is the proper finger key assignments on computer keyboard?

The proper key assignments on a computer keyboard start in what iscalled the home row. On the left hand, the index finger should beon the F key, the middle finger on the D, th (MORE)
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Where is the at key on a keyboard?

Press shift and the number two at the same time and the result is @ A different answer The answer is not the same for any keyboard: where the @ key is located always depe (MORE)
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What letters are assigned in each fingers when typing?

On the left hand the baby finger is assigned to the A then the ring finger is to S then middle to D and forefinger to F and also to the G. Then on your right hand the baby fin (MORE)