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What is a venture investment?

Answer . A venture investment is an investment in a new company (or "venture") which usually bears a high risk of failure, but a correspondingly high return on succes.
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What is a joint venture?

Joint venture (JV) is a type of business agreement which the parties develop for a finite time. They share the expenses and revenue in agreed ratio. The parties to JV are call (MORE)
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What is a capita?

The word capita means for each head or by heads. This is a termthat is commonly used in measuring GDP using per capita income.
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Who are The Ventures?

Go here. Ever do an internet search? Ever?.
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How do you get venture capital?

It is crucial to learn how to pitch your idea clearly. Good ideas fail in that first meeting mainly because of the difficulty to illustrate your idea. If you are looking for s (MORE)
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What is economic venture?

It is a money making project. It is like the Jamestown and Roanoke colonies. They were founded for a economic reason.
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A sentence with venture?

i saw a gate and wanted to venture throw it
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What are ventures?

ventures are like adventures, except that it doesn't have the "ad" in the front.
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What is a venture structure?

It is the rare area of the female vagina that squirts bodily fluids. Which is usually a sticky white substance.
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What are exporting ventures?

idk. ask elsewhere. i don't understand most of the words in that question you portrayed so yeah bye
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What is entrepreneurial ventures?

Entrepreneurial Ventures is focused on providing advisory servicesto early and mid-stage companies
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What is the capitaal of Malaysia?

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. It's roughly translated as Muddy Estuary, which is the place the capital was built upon. The administrative capital is called Putrajay (MORE)
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What is child ventures?

Childventures Early Learning Academy has developed an excellentreputation within the childcare field as a leader in childdevelopment.
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What are the limitations of venture capital?

Advantages In addition to being a source of funding, an advantage of venture capital is that a number of value-added services are provided to companies: Mentoring - Ven (MORE)
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What are the limitations of using per capita income as an indicator of economic welfare in an economy?

Using per capita income as an indicator of economic welfare shows the income for a "typical" person in an economy. This does not, however, show the full range of incomes. Some (MORE)
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Is ventures an adjective?

No. Ventures can be a form of the verb venture, or a plural noun.The singular venture can be an adjunct but it is not used as anadjective.