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What is a big bump on the top of your head that is really hard and kind of sore?

Answer . \nProbably a sebaceous cyst. I have 2 on my scalp, and have had 3 removed. They aren't dangerous, but can grow quite large and protrude through your hair. The 2 I (MORE)
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What could a pea-sized hard bump that doesn't move be on top of a 16-year-old's head?

Answer . Chances are it's just a harmless subcutaneous cyst, but you should have it checked out especially if it changes size or bleeds.. Answer . \nWe have had the sam (MORE)
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What are two lumps on the back of your baby's head?

Answer . \nMy baby had the same thing and when I took her to the doctor they said it was because she had cradle cap. I guess cradle cap is considered an infection on the h (MORE)
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Is a bump on the lower back of a baby's head normal?

It depends on where the lump is. My baby had two lumps on the bottom back of her head where the glands are back there and when I took her to the doctor he said that when the b (MORE)
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What could two bumps on the head be if one is almost right in the middle of the forehead and the other is on the left hand side of the head and they do not move and are hard?

keratinous cyst . If the bump feels like a hard pea or bean just below the skin surface, it is probably a keratinous cyst. These are totally harmless and are basically a c (MORE)
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It depends on what the bump is like. It's always best to have a doctor take a look. It's probably fine, but better safe than sorry you know.. IN ADDITION: . Its normal for (MORE)
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Bump on top of my head?

A bump on top of the head could be due to a dermatological problem,or could be caused by an injury or blunt trauma. If the bump ispainful, or does not go away within a few day (MORE)
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Why do you see stars when you bump your head hard?

Whilst you don't see literal "stars" (ie big yellow stars, Tom and Jerry style) you can get a "twinkling effect". I usually get this a couple of times a game on the rugby pitc (MORE)
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What are the two big bumps on the back your head?

The two big lumps on the back of your head could be normal, due togenetics, or it could be an indication of something serious. Theselumps can be caused by an infection or they (MORE)
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What is the small hard bump on baby's head?

Sometimes a baby's lymph nodes may become swollen. When enlarged,the bump can be small and very hard. In order to rule out anythingserious, talk to a pediatrician.
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Hard bump on back of head?

If you are referring to the bone at the base of your skull where your skull meets your first vertabrae then it is called the occipital bone or atlas. If you have bumped the b (MORE)
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What does it mean if i have a painful bump on top of my head?

It could be an ingrown hair or and insect bite or a pimple... Did you bump your head, maybe its from that. Might want to have a friend check it out. Only if your friend is a (MORE)
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Bump on top of head two of them?

ya i have the same problem i have two inward bumps in the back of my head top backish i think its normal
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Can a hard bump on the head cause stuttering?

I expect it could if it damaged the part of the brain that controls speech. If you have had a hard bump on the head, for professional help or advice please consult with a doct (MORE)
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Is it normal to see a baby's pulse on the top of the head?

If the baby is a few months old (or younger), you may see a pulse on the top of the head at the 'soft spot', where the bones of the fontanel haven't yet sealed together after (MORE)
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What is the big bump on top of a bloodhounds head?

It's part of a ridge on the skull, and is called the occipital protuberance. This ridge is where the large muscles of the lower jaw attach, and all dogs have it to one degre (MORE)
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Why does your head get a bump after you hit your head hard?

It is called a bruise or contusion, and is caused by blood vessels bursting under the skin due to the impact, forming a bulge. They happen more easily on the head because t (MORE)