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Recent trends in civil engineering?

Using online services for posting PDF's of construction drawings so that multiple clients involved in development can coordinate more easily and for bidding out projects.

What are the recent trends in automobile?

Recent trends are for smaller, more economical cars because of the higher oil prices. Hybrid cars are becoming more popular as technology matures. Internally, devices are bein (MORE)

What is recent trends in networking technology?

There are three major trends driving the future of communications and networking:-Pervasive Networking-The Integration of Voice, Video and Data-New Information Services . Pe (MORE)

What are the recent trends in operations management?

Recent Trends In POM  Global Competition  Operations Strategy  Flexibility  Cycle Time Reduction  Business Process Re-engineering ï (MORE)

What are the recent trends in business?

I have noticed a number of new behaviours that I am calling FAB behaviours. (1) Flexibility - Businesses looking for new markets within their existing sectors (e.g. bidding (MORE)

Is Artificial intelligence is a recent trend or not?

The modern day artificial intelligence is believed to have been started when the first computer was created in the 1940's. But many philosophers have come up with ideas which (MORE)
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What are recent trends in banking in India?

Banks have adopt several innovative means to enhance their base and make their service accessible . Some of the facilities and services provided are : ATM cards: ATM are (MORE)

Recent trend in operation management?

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Statistical Process Control (SPC) is part of the enterprise wide process and product data management to provide quality control manufacturi (MORE)

What are the recent trends in service marketing?

Government Policies (e.g., regulations, trade agreements) . Social Changes (e.g., affluence, lack of time, desire for experiences) . Business Trends Ø Manufacturers o (MORE)
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What are Aruba's recent geographic trends?

The balance of preserving Aruba's natural beauty with the emphasis on tourism and tourist related activities as a major industry is a major recent trend in Aruban geography. (MORE)

Recent trends in mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a technology feild created by the marriage of mechanically operated equipment and electronically controlled equipment (computer controls) in manufacturing. The (MORE)

Recent trends with alcohol?

A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. . There are two basic trends in alcohol education--one aiming at containment and control, the oth (MORE)
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What are three trends recent in banking history?

The banking industry has undergone many changes in recent years.Banks have had to cut down the number of fees they may charge.Banks also have to let people know the consequenc (MORE)

What are the recent trends in production?

Production depends on how the supply and demand of an economy is doing. To figure out how production comes into play, make a supply and demand curve to see the changes. Here i (MORE)