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Does Marijuana cause lung cancer?

We need Medical Research by our government. It has been ignoredlike cigarettes risk warnings for the baby boomer generation.
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Does marijuana cause cancer?

GREAT question! Marijuana is completely different then Cigarettes! CIGARETTES Kill someone every 8 seconds. CIGARETTES In the U.S kills more people than cocaine, heoine, alc (MORE)
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Can you get cancer from smoking marijuana?

Yes you can because if you smoke any kind of tobacco too much you will have lung cancer and you can get many other side affects like burning and purple skin, yellow teeth ext. (MORE)
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Does marijuana help people with cancer?

There very first research that found that THC kills cancer cells was a study done in 1974, and was paid for by the U.S. Government, the goal at first was for the researches to (MORE)
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Does Marijuana cure cancer?

No, nothing "cures" cancer. The US. Food and Drug Administration has not approved Cannabis as a treatment for cancer or any other medical condition, although chemical compon (MORE)
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Can marijuana cure cancer?

Sadly no, there is no cure for cancer, but marijauna does help to make cancer patients live more normal lives. Medical marijuana is prescribed to cancer patients going through (MORE)
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How does marijuana help with cancer?

There have been recent studies showing that marijuana retards the growth of lung cancers. Otherwise, marijuana can relieve the nausea caused by the chemotherapeutic agents and (MORE)
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Can marijuana give you cancer?

Statistical analysis suggests that marijuana, unlike tobacco, does not cause cancer. However, inhaling smoke is still not healthy for you, and it can still cause emphysema eve (MORE)
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Is marijuana good for cancer patients?

There is a debate as to the use of marijuana in cancer patients. The use would be to make them comfortable. It will not change the outcome.
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How can lung cancer lead to skin cancer?

Cancer can spread throughout the body through our circulatory system. Sometimes a cancer cell will hitch a ride in the bloodstream and then root itself in a different part of (MORE)
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Does marijuana smoke cause cancer?

Answer 1: yes.. causes lung cancer.. just like smoking a regular ciggy . Answer 2: No, actually marijuana does not cause lung cancer. "The heaviest marijuana users in (MORE)
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Does marijuana cause testicular cancer?

I looked up google because i wanted to see what it said and its not great. "Frequent or long-term use of marijuana may significantly increase a man's risk of developing the (MORE)
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When did they find out that marijuana can cure cancer?

MARIJUANA DOES NOT CURE CANCER. Marijuana is used as a medicine with cancer patients who go through chemotherapy. The chemo causes very severe nausea. Marijuana is used to (MORE)
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Can marijuana help with cancer?

Cannabis will not cure cancer. Rather, it acts as an effective sedative and painkiller, thus making treatment more bearable. Pure THC will not produce the same effect, as ther (MORE)
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Is marijuana a cancer causing agent?

There have been zero cases of cancer, as of yet, that have been caused by marijuana alone. Cases of throat and lung cancer have arisen from people who have smoke marijuana in (MORE)
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How does oral cancer lead to brain cancer?

usually through the blood but also cancer is an uncontrollable growth of cells that invade and destroy nearby tissue & oral cancer may be located near the brain (cancer eats a (MORE)
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Does marijuana heal cancer?

No but it does help with any pain or sorrow the cancer might be causing. I don't recommend it unless you Doctor says so. Another answer: No. Marijuana does not heal cancer. (MORE)
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Is marijuana cure for cancer?

Probably not gonna cure any disease. People would only benefit from it to ease pain of treatment, or extremely useful for those terminally ill. Doesn't have to be smoked eit (MORE)
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What are the chances of getting cancer from marijuana?

Negligible. I have found no studies suggesting that such is even a concern, let alone a possibility. (I am understanding this question to be asked in the context of any conce (MORE)
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Why is marijuana used for cancer?

Depending on the cancer, it is usually prescribed to patients who are suffering from severe pain to ease them; calm them down. This is not recommended to people who have throa (MORE)
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How much cancer is in marijuana smoke?

Marijuana itself is not proven to provoke cancer, however if smoked with tobacco the tobacco will. Also there might be undesired substances in the weed, you can never know.
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What does marijuana do for terminal cancer?

Well this is arguable, and i guarentee someone would pull me up if i only gave half of the story, so here goes. Smoking Cannabis can help terminally ill patients of all ail (MORE)
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Is there lead in marijuana?

If your dealer put pencil lead in your bag, you got ripped off. If there was lead in the water it was grown in, some of it will have traveled into the plant.
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Can marijuana help cure cancer?

Marijuana - or the THC it contains - has been shown to help supress nausea and improve appetite in patients undergoing chemotherapy. he US. Food and Drug Administration has n (MORE)
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Is marijuana the only cure to cancer?

Marijuana has show to halt some cancer cells and most recently used fro brain cancer. It isn't the best way as it is only really used to increase appetite and cure nausea.
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Can marijuana lead us to death?

Ingestion of Cannabis wont lead to death, There is no such thing as a lethal dose of marijuana.
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How does marijuana lead 2 heroin?

It doesn't. It's an individuals choice to start doing other drugs outside of marijuana, it has nothing to do with the drug itself.
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Does Marijuana perevent cancer?

Theres no proof that it prevents cancer, however it is used to treat cancer, side effects caused by cancer treatment and many other diseases.
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Can marijuana seeds give cancer?

Yes. Marijuana has been recently shown to be twice as likely to cause lung, throat or heart cancer than tobacco.
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How can you get lung cancer from marijuana?

Whenever a foreign substance enters your body, there is a chance that it can make your cells grow into tumors. All smoke potentially creates conditions for the development o (MORE)
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How do you take marijuana for cancer?

There are several ways to consume marijuana includes Smoking,Vaporizing through strains and consuming through edibles. But forcancer patients it's not fine to smoke and vapori (MORE)