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Why does your toilets bubble when washing machine drains?

If you have a septic tank you might want to have someone come look to see if your septic needs emptying. If you take care of it and feed it RidEx every month you should not ha (MORE)
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How can you plumb in a washing machine and a dishwasher?

There are many variables here. Essentially you'll need the following: . A cold feed for the dishwasher, and for the washing machine. . A waste outlet for the dishwasher an (MORE)
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What causes a toilet to overflow when the washing machine water empties?

Sounds like the washing machine discharge is fitted to the main drain in the wrong place and it's discharge is filling your toilet. It's possible there may be something of a b (MORE)
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When washing machine drains toilet bubbles?

Partially obstructed drain or vent line. Could also be improperly tied into the toilet drain/vent. In most codes wet venting for more than 1 fixture unit (i.e. a sink) is ille (MORE)
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How much water does the average shower consume?

The average 4 minute shower uses about 10 gallons of water (if using a low flow shower head). If you are using an older model shower head it can be 20 gallons for 4 minutes. (MORE)
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Do dishwashers wash with dirty water?

The water comes from the homes hot water pipe and any dirt present willcome from the dishes. It will be pumped out in the first rinse. The water comes from the homes hot wate (MORE)
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Can i use dishwasher and washing machine on multiple plug?

If you only have one wall socket where the washing machine anddishwasher are, then you could plug in a multi-plug adaptor, intowhich both appliances could then be plugged in. (MORE)