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What are the chances of becoming pregnant if you are on birth control pills but have unprotected sex on your ovulation days?

Birth control pills are typicaly around 98% effective in preventing pregnancies, but they are not 100%. Also, it would depend on if you had messed up on your pills at all in t (MORE)
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What can you do if you had unprotected sex the second day after you begin your second month on birth control pill?

If you just began your second month and are only on the second day, your period should have just ended. If that is a correct assumption, then you have yet to ovulate and shoul (MORE)
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I've been taking birth controls for 5 months. I stopped taking birth controls on May 17th but started my period the 18th.On May 26th was the last day of my period. The next day I had unprotected sex?

You had sex 10 days after taking the last pill, and didn't use any form of pregnancy protection. That puts you at risk of pregnancy. Consider taking emergency contraception, a (MORE)