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What supplies did the union troops take to the battle of Atlanta?

They took plenty of things... like: Your mom Condoms STDs Sexual frustration Porn Bedding Supplies (NEW RESPONDENT) Their supply-line was the big issue. It was (MORE)

Where did the last major battle between US troops and native American take place?

The Pine Ridge Campaign (November 1890 -- January 1891) led to the last major conflict with the Sioux which resulted in the Wounded Knee "Massacre" on December 29, 1890. I per (MORE)

How long does it take to get from Wellington to Vancouver?

We flew from Vancouver to Auckland and it took us approximately 12 -13 hours (yours would be a little further). I believe you would have to change flights in Auckland to fly d (MORE)

How did the Duke of Wellington win the battle of Waterloo?

Several factors are involved in Napoleon's loss to Wellington.Delayed communication and no system in which he could be sureinstructions had been received led to Ney's failed c (MORE)