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What can I expect from my three month old baby?

This is a wonderful age and parenting is a delight. Your baby is waking up to the world around him and coming out of the sleepy fog he was in as a newborn. You're discovering (MORE)
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Can a three month old baby eat applesauce or baby food?

No, you shouldn't introduce solids to your baby until he or she is between four and six months old. Until then breast milk or formula provides all the nutrition your baby need (MORE)
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What are some baby supplies that you need for a three month year old?

"Onsies," t-shirts that snap over diapers at the crotch -- probably size 6 months for a 3-month old.. Big quantity of plain white cotton washclothes that can get stained and (MORE)
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Is it bad if you give a three month old baby gerber?

Yes. The only thing your baby should be eating at three months is formula or brest milk. Consult your babies doctor before you give it any solid food. You can cause you baby t (MORE)
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What do three month old babies like to do?

They enjoy bright colors. The first color a baby sees, is red. Show them pictures, read to them, play music. Classical music supposedly makes their IQ's higher.
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Can a baby kick at three months?

of course but it feels just like a flutter to you and will get stronger over time. What you might think is the baby at this stage might not be but you will feel it soon enoug (MORE)
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Can you give a three month old baby tums for gas?

No! Are you burping the baby properly after feeding? That should help alleviate the problem. Also, breastfed babies have less gas than bottlefed babies do. Bottle-feeding coul (MORE)
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What does a 3 months old baby do?

all ages from 1 month to 3 years will love playing with keys and will have anxiety to them for different reasons!
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What does babies do at 3 months old?

They are not in the toddler stage yet, so they probably won't crawl. But at 3 months they start developing facial expressions like their parents'. At three months they are sti (MORE)
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How old is your baby if she is 32 months?

Since there are 12 months in one year, 12+12=24 months (2 years) with an additional 8 months (to equal 32 months); this means your baby is 2 years and 8 months old
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How do you hold a under three months old babys?

You'll often hear that the most important thing is to support the head, since newborns lack strength in their neck muscles. In reality, a baby's head will not actually fall of (MORE)