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What does 'Alba gu bràth' in Braveheart's speech mean?

Alba gu bràth (pron: al-op-pa goo bra) means, literally, "Scotland till judgment" or, loosely, "Scotland forever." The Irish phrase, 'Erin go bragh' is from Scottish Gae (MORE)
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What does 'Alba gu bràth' mean?

Scotland for ever! Scotland until Judgement (day) Pronounced somewhat like ' all -a-pa gu braw'.
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What is BRS?

BRS stands for multiple things: . Big Red Switch - On old IBM computers the power switch was big and red. . Boston Red Sox . Bureau of Rural Sciences (Australia) . Bienni (MORE)
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What is the br?

Hmmm the only thing that I could tell you is that "br" means Battle Rifle. This is sometime used in halo 2 and 3 as a shorter name for the Battle Rifle (aka BR). Otherwise put (MORE)
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What is Br?

Br stands for bromine, an element in the 17th group of the periodic table which are known as the "halogens"
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What is GU?

Get up?
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What is Br-?

Br- is the common chemical symbol for the bromide ion.
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What is the charge of Br?

The Bromide atom has a charge of -1. Bromide is found isseawater--thusly, seafood and seaweed have higher sources ofbromide than most any other food. Bromide salts are also us (MORE)
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Who is Gus Gus?

Gus Gus is unknown 2 me butt i really have no clue
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Who is gu?

In Fon mythology (Africa), Gu is the heavenly blacksmith. According to the mythology, on the second day of creation, Mawu-Lisa, the creator god, sent Gu to make the earth habi (MORE)
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What is the name for Br?

The name for Br is Bromide. When a nonmetal forms an anion, -ide is added to name, so brominebecomes bromide.
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What is an alba?

Alba is another word for Scotland.
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What is alba?

Latin alba is the feminine form of the adjective albus , meaning white, pale, grey and old, bright or clear. The English equivalent of the Latin word 'alba' is white.
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What is br-rip?

Blu Ray Rip. Same as a DVD Rip but from a blu ray disc :)
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What is BR meter?

It is a Butyro Refrective Index meter. Generally, it is used by Dairy Industry to measure the Brix of oil present in the milk. Milk oil basically are present in the BR range o (MORE)
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What does Tyto Alba Alba mean?

Tyto Alba means white owl. Tyto in Greek means owl, and Alba in Latin means white.
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What is Na Br?

sodium bromide

What does br in HTML?

means a break on the page or the placement of a new line below the current one.

What does the HTML br do?

The tag creates a line-break. This causes the carriage to return to the beginning of the next line. It's similar to hitting "enter" on the keyboard. If you need a blank line (MORE)
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Is Br-Br a polar bond?

No, it is nonpolar. A polar bond is between two different atoms,which will have different electronegativities (attraction forelectrons). The atom with the higher electronegati (MORE)
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What is Si Br?

Symbols for two chemical elements. It is certainly not a stable compound of the two.