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What does rape mean?

Rape is sexual penetration (having sex with another person) that is without the consent of that person. Lack of consent can be because you did not want to (said no) were uncon (MORE)
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How do guys rape?

A male rapes, if the receiver of said rape is a female, by penetrating the females vagina with his penis. One does this while the female does not agree with the actions taking (MORE)
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What does sex look like and feel like?

Answer I can only tell you this. When you are old enough to experience it, you will know If your old enough sex looks like a man putting his penis inside a womnas virgina. If (MORE)
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How does rape feel?

Its hurt VERY BAD. I can not say that enough. Sorry about that, I was raped when I was 11 or 10 and I'm now 12. Do not spend time alone with a guy, especially if you just met (MORE)
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Why do men rape?

It's a power play thing. It most likely comes from the stone ages where only the toughest and strongest got what they wanted. Another reason is sex, but most often it's power. (MORE)
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You are an 18 year old girl and you feel like you want to be raped. Is there something wrong with you?

Wanting to be raped by someone you didn't want to have sex with is not normal but these types of thoughts are not uncommon for someone that has been abused in the past, but th (MORE)
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What does Pampers feel and learn feel like?

Pampers Feel 'n' Learn are designed not to draw your toddler's weeaway as quickly as possible. While absorbency is one of the topconcerns for your baby, when it comes to getti (MORE)
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What is it like or feel like sleeping with girls?

It depends of you really like the girl and have feeling for her because if you do then its all the more special but if you don't then its just like ok im just getting it over (MORE)
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Why are rapes underreported?

Unfortunately, many times victims feels intimidated by the justice system we have and that they will be treated as the guilty party rather than the other way around. Many are (MORE)
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What do you do if you feel like you like the same sex?

If you like the same sex then be proud of what you are you cannot change who you are plus you won't be comfortable with the other sex if you are attracted to your sex eg b (MORE)
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What is rape vegetable?

Rape is a plant of the crucifer family, whose seeds yield an oil and whose leaves are used for fodder. Rape seed oil is called canola oil. The crushed pulp of grapes after the (MORE)
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What does it feel like when a boy likes you a lot?

when a boy likes u a lot and if u dont like him, u feel irritated and wonders why he behaves like that. but if u like that boy too, it is different. u will always in a dream w (MORE)
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What was the Raping of Nanjing?

The Raping of Nanking (sometimes spelled as Nanjing) was a warcrime committed by the Japanese in World War 2. During theincident, the Japanese massacred the Chinese.
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What does it feel like to feel the baby kick?

In the beginning it feels like muscle spasms in your uterus. Later it becomes a little more intense like someone is nudging you from the inside. Yea it almost feels like a t (MORE)
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What would like be like if you had no feelings?

well if u had no feelings then that means u have no freinds. in that case u have a family that hates u, so pretty much failing at this thing called LIFE. so i would kill mysel (MORE)
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What do you do if your boyfriend rapes you?

You report it to the police. You make every effort to avoid the man. If you need encouragement, moral support, or information to accomplish what you need to do, contact the n (MORE)
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What does corundum feel like or look like?

Corundum is very rough considering it has a hardness of 9 out of 10. It looks like a ruby or sapphire because they are both corundum.Its shiny and comes in many forms.
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What does it feel like to have a gut feeling?

you get this feeling in the bottom of your stomach that tells you that something is either happening or is going to happen. it's more like a nervous feeling. most of the time (MORE)
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What does a tornado look like and feel like?

A Tornado basically looks like a grey cone, but it moves on it's "tip". On top of the tornado, there is usually dark grey clouds. Some tornado's can be skinny and some can be (MORE)
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How can you feel that she like you?

You can tell that she likes you when you guys lock eyes and she smiles without looking away for a while. if she tells you she'll be there for you. If she gives you hugs that f (MORE)
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What does it feel like to get your vagina liked?

It feels weird at first but after a while, it feels good and you get horny, which is a great feeling. I love getting my vagina licked and I also love sucking boys penis'. It d (MORE)
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What does feel like'?

i think to be in the concentration would not feel really good obviously and i bet i would die in there i don't know why people would do that to other people... if 1st thing Hi (MORE)
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Why is there raping in Sudan?

Rape is not restricted to the Sudan. It happens there for the same reasons it happens anywhere else.
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What does space look like feel like?

In space, it would usually feel like you're swimming in nothing and without an oxygen suit you will die because there isn't any oxygen. Space usually has meteors, asteroids an (MORE)
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What does a desert look like and feel like?

Deserts are very dry and humid. They are usually very sandy with little life maybe a little shrubary here and there or cactuses but other than that they are pretty bland. AK (MORE)
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What is conversation raping?

Converstion raping is when a person brings up the subject ofsexually assaulting you and/or threatning you in some kind of waythat would be raping if he (or she) put those word (MORE)
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What does it feel like if your appendix bursting feel like?

You feel like you have to use the bathroom and you might possibly have gas pains. You will begin to get the chills and will feel the urge to bend. Do not push in on right illi (MORE)
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My mom is 36 and i am 15 when my mom was 13 she was raped. so i started dating this guy and i really like him but i found out that his dad is the one that raped my mom what do i do please help?

im sorry but i dont think its a coincidence that you are dating him. i really think you should talk to the guy youre dating and be straight up with him. but before you do that (MORE)
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How can you feel that he like you?

you can only answer that for yourself, it depends on the persons behavior and the person itself. either tht or its easier just to ask him, yes i knopw its embaressing but its (MORE)
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What is gay rape how is it rape?

Rape is rape. It doesn't matter if the aggressor is the same genderas the victim or not. Gay rape is when both the attacker and thevictim are the same gender.
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What does an earthquake look like and feel like?

They don't really look like anything. You will see things shaking,but you can't see an earthquake as such. It is what you feel thatis more significant. You will feel everywher (MORE)
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What is raping paper?

Its actually spelt "wrapping paper". This is normally paper used for special occasions like Christmas when presents are wrapped in attractive Christmas themed paper.