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Why are kids abused?

Answer . Kids are abused because people want to have power over somebody. They don't care how. . kids get abused because like the one before they feel they need the power (MORE)

You dont really know if you are in a abusive relationship because he do try to put you in control but when he hit you he just pull your hair or something but you dont think he is really abusive help?

Answer . If he touches you in any other matter than a comforting or intimate wanted way then he is physically abusing you and yes this is a abusive relationship that can pr (MORE)

Why do people abuse their kids?

Because some people who just want to go on in their work they first don't think of their children when children makes noise they get beated but slowly parents Recognise that t (MORE)

How can you know if a kid is getting abused?

Many times you cannot tell, unfortunately. Physical abuse is the only visible sort of abuse, but in many ways, emotional and sexual abuse are far worse. Look for these signs (MORE)

How many adopted kids get abused?

some foster parents can be the nicest things, almost as good as the real thing. but in other cases, the foster parents can be abusive phsycally, mentally, sexually, or neglect (MORE)

Why do people abuse there kids?

there's lots of reasons why but here is all I know, 1. they think that is the way you punish kids, 2. they hate their kids, 3. they like doing it. So here is what I know and I (MORE)