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Which plastic wrap is strongest?

While Saran Wrap may be the most-well known plastic wrap in the US,Glad is the strongest. Glad doesn't contain any plasticizers, andis safe to use when reheating food.
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Which plastic wrap is the strongest?

Answer: The strongest plastic wrap is 'Glade'. I did a science experiment on it in the 7th grade and it turned out to be 'Glade'.
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How strong is plastic wrap?

This depends on the brand. Some plastic wrap is thin and hardly sticks, while brands produced for the food/culinary industry are sold in boxes and are much thicker and stick e (MORE)
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What is plastic wrap used for?

Plastic wrap, seran wrap, as well as tin foil is used for sealing foods (that are left over) for later. You place the food on a dish or in a glass bowl or something and cover (MORE)
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Can you use plastic wrap in the oven?

i think cannot might burn...n d gas release is poisonous ===== You cannot use plastic wrap DIRECTLY in the oven. You CAN wrap the food in plastic, sealing it tigh (MORE)
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Reynolds plastic wrap?

According to their website, Reynolds® Seal-Tight Plastic Wrap has been discontinued. (MORE)
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Will plastic wrap reflect heat Why and Why not?

Plastic wrap can reflect heat and keep it within a contained areafor a limited amount of time. Plastic wrap is a poor conductor ofheat and that is why it can be used to keep s (MORE)
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Where do wraps come from?

There are too many types of wraps to address your question properly: hand wraps, leg wraps, cigar wraps, salad or sandwich wraps, gift wraps, silk wraps, head (MORE)
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Can you use plastic wrap in microwaves?

if you want it to melt then yes, but otherwise no No it will melt. --- There are special kinds of plastic wrap that can be used in a microwave. However, I often use normal (MORE)
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Why are telegraph cucumbers wrapped in plastic?

They are wrapped to increase shelf life of the cucumber as respiration of the fruit through its' thin skin will cause it to deteriorate and go soft. The wrap also protects the (MORE)
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What brand of plastic wrap is the best to use in the kitchen?

Saranwrap is the oldest, and most common used. It tends to be a bit heavier than most bargain or off-brand wraps. You might consider looking into an industrial food service s (MORE)
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Is clear plastic wrap recyclable?

All plastic is recyclable, but you may find it difficult to find a company that will accept it. Plastic wrap is often contaminated with food and is difficult to clean before r (MORE)