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How do earphones work?

Well, earphones work almost anywhere, so i would say they work by the built-in speakers they have in the earphones. They work on a Mac or a PC. They work on phones, I pods, I (MORE)
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When were earphones invented?

Headphones appeared in the latter part of the 19th century (the end of the 1800's). History may have lost the information relating to their invention and inventor.
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Why do earphones break?

I would like to kno that as well. i break a set every 3 or four weeks no matter how expensive they are or how much i look after them. I bought an expensive pair of sony earpho (MORE)
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What are earphones?

Earphones are used in iPods, MP3 Players and sometimes computers and Laptops. If something is amplified out loud, you can plug in Earphones, and you can hear the sound throu (MORE)
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Why are there magnets in your earphones?

Well if you wanted to know there in your earphones so they provide you a sound that's not always changing volumes itself.
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Why are earphones round?

So that they can fit into your ears. What would you prefer round or square earphones?
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You cannot connect your earphones to your iPad?

iPad has a 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack so yes you can connect your earphones Input and output . Dock connector port . 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack . Built-in speaker (MORE)
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Can you get earphones for the iPad?

Yes you can get headphones for the iPad. You can listen to music through the headphones or out loud.
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Why do earphones have magnets?

earphones has magnets because if no magnets the earphone will useless .. if humans has ear drums earphones has magnet.... magnetic element in headphones is typical (MORE)
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What rhymes with earphones?

telephones megaphones xylophones beer zones mere bones, clones there are more, but I don't know how many.
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What do you pay for earphones?

it really depends on the type and where you get them from but the cheapest you can get are about £6
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Why is it not advisable earphones?

Your not supposed to put objects in your ear. But then again, lots of people use Q-Tips and headphones.
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What does it mean when your earphones?

The meaning of earphones is mini speakers. Earphones are designed so that they fit directly on the ear. Earbuds are mini speakers that fit just inside the ear. They are used m (MORE)
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When you plug your earphones into your iphone 5 the speakers are still on and no sound in the earphones?

It's possible you have water damage in your headphone jack, which is why it's no longer working. The other common problem with the iPhone 5 headphone jack is that lint colle (MORE)