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Who is the premier of Victoria?

As of March 2013, the current Victorian Premier is Denis Napthine of the Liberal party.
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Who is the premier of Tasmania?

The premier of Tasmania is Lara Giddings, of the Labor Party. The premier of Tasmania is Lara Giddings, of the Labor Party.
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When will J.O.N.A.S. premiere?

I heard J.O.N.A.S. will premiere sometime in the middle of September or early october. But I can't wait!!!!! Well anyways hope I helped.
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How do you get premier balls?

just buy 10 pokeballs at the SAME time and you get 1 free premier ball simple as that
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Who is the Premier of Queensland?

Following the 24 March 2012 state elections, Campbell Newman, ofthe LNP, is the Premier of Queensland.
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What is a Premier?

The Premier is the politician who is the leader of the majority party in the State Parliament. It the same position as the Prime Minister - but at the State, not Federal level (MORE)
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What is premier?

It depends upon the context. The Premier of a state is the government leader of that state.
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Who is the Premier?

This depends on the Country/Province/Game/Sport etc... please reaskyour question or see related answers. The Premier of BritishColumbia is Christy Clark. To find the other pre (MORE)
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When does supernatural premiere?

The sixth season of Supernatural premieres Friday 24th September. This is the US premiere date.
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What is the opposite of premier?

For comparing quality, the opposite of "premier" (superior) could be inferior or poor. Where premier assumes the very best, the opposite is worst or poorest.
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Who are the 2010 Premiers?

Collingwood. The Collingwood Magpies defeated the St. Kilda Saints by 56 points in the grand final replay. The final was replayed as a result of the draw the first time around (MORE)
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When was Bambi premiered?

The Disney film- in cartoon form- premiered in l942. It was somewhat odd for an anti-violence film to be floated out in the maelstrom of World War II but it happened!
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What is the spelling of premiere?

You have spelled PREMIERE, which is correct for the first showing of a movie or show. -A PREMIER is a head of state of a country, or something 'first rate'
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What is a premiere project?

"premiere" project refers to the editing application: Adobe Premiere from Adobe Creative Suite of applications.