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If charged with one class b felony and two class d felonies what is the maximum you can get for first time offender?

depending on what the felonys are exactly. This is too broad of a question so this cant really be answered accuratly but if its 3 different felonys and a class b and d i would (MORE)
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Newyork state motto?

New Yorks state motto is "Exceles" on a scroll below the shield argent in salal
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If you have a robbery felony in the United States can you go to Algeria and never be punished?

Several question arise: How do you plan to leave the country without having your passport checked - which will reveal your wanted status? How do you know Algeria will grant yo (MORE)
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How much jail time could a person get for attempted robbery in Florida?

Life imprisonment can be sought. It would depend on the circumstances, if weapons were found, the target and amount, prior convictions etc. The best course would be a plea dea (MORE)
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What state is newyork in?

New York is the name of the state. The City of New York (New York City) is in the state of New York.
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How much jail time would you do for attempted murder armed robbery theft and assault?

It really depends on the state you live in. two of the charges are strikes in most states. so the person facing this would be looking at at least 30 maybe 40. if there is a pr (MORE)
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Underage attempt of robbery how long of jail time?

Under 14 you can assume until 18 in Juvenile detention and a rough life there after. Beyond that age, the odds increase that the individual is tried as an adult. They would re (MORE)
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How much jail time can get for assault 2nd d felony?

Without specific states, territories, or countries to put this question into perspective, the answer can only be specific to US federal law: Under USC 18 Chapter 7, assault o (MORE)
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What are the different types of felony robbery?

Both State and Federal statues contain many types, and many degreesof felony robbery offenses - too numerous to enumerate here. If youhave a question about a specific one plea (MORE)
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Is robbery a felony or misdemeanor?

it is by far a felony unless dropped to theft by unlawful taking or something like that depends on the state
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What is the maximum that the state of Kentucky can hold a felony warrant?

If you are speaking of them holding a warrant for you but you have, so far, avoided arrest - - they can hold it until the warrant is withdrawn or until the statute of limitati (MORE)
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What class felony is robbery in Arkansas?

"5-12-102. Robbery. (a) A person commits robbery if, with the purpose of committing a felony or misdemeanor theft or resisting apprehension immediately after committing a (MORE)
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How do you timing a 1995 Chrysler newyorker?

If its a 3.5 tdc mark on the crank with the one on the block and if you make sure you press the tensioner pin down with like a vise and put a very small Allen wrench through i (MORE)