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What is the longest straight stretch of road in the world?

The Pan-American Highway begins in Alaska. It passes through Canada the United States and Mexico. Then it continues down the West Coast of South America all the way to Chile. (MORE)

Longest straight road?

The longest straight road in the world is Highway 10. This roadlocated in Saudi Arabia from Haradh to the border stretches for 162miles.

What is the longest railway straight in the world?

The Indian Pacific is a passenger rail service running between Perth and Sydney, Australia. This section was built as narrow gauge, and even when it was converted to standar (MORE)

The longest road in the world?

The longest road in the world is the Pan-American Highway, whichcovers 48,000 kilometers. It connects more than 20 countries inboth North and South America. It runs from Bueno (MORE)
In England

What is the longest straight road in England?

There is one in scunthorpe which is 3.03 miles long and has no dips or curves, is empty most of the time and is smooth as can be. A lot of the "boy racers" from the local vill (MORE)

What are the top ten longest words in the world?

i dont know what place this one comes in but its pretty dang long: Ornicopytheobibliopsychocrystarroscioaerogenethliometeoroaustrohieroanothropoichthyopyrosiderochpnomyoalect (MORE)

Who said the longest road in the world is the road to redemption?

This phrase may be attributed to writer Jace J Quinn. It has been used in a print ad for General Motors. Regardless of its origin, whoever said it was apparently unaware that (MORE)

List of longest road tunnels in the world?

Tunnels are underground passages that are completely enclosedexcept for the entrance and exit. The longest road tunnel in theworld is the Laerdal Tunnel, running over 80,000 f (MORE)

What is the longest road bridge in the world?

Arguably the longest bridge is the Bang Na Expressway, in Bangkok, Thailand. It is 33.5 miles long (54 km), but is not considered a bridge by some because it does not cross a (MORE)

What are the the ten longest river in the world?

1. The Nile at 4,135 miles, (6,650km) 2. The Amazon at 3,980 miles, (6,400km) 3. The Yangtze (Chang Jiang) at 3,917 miles, (6,300km) 4. The Mississippi-Missouri syste (MORE)

What is the worlds longest road in terms of distance?

The Pan American Highway, starts at the northern most point of Alaska to the southern most point of South America. The official length is 27,197 miles. However there is a 54 m (MORE)