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What is a uncovertebral joint?

The uncovertebral joint is also known as the Luschka's joint. Theseare bone spurs that occur when the third through seventh cervicalvertebrae meet.

Uncovertebral joint spurring?

Uncovertebral joint spurring occurs from the body's response fordiminishing spinal stability. Conditions that cause this includesosteoarthritis and disc degeneration.

What is uncovertebral arthropathy?

Uncovertebral arthropathy refers to degenerative changes of theuncovertebral joint. This joint is located on both sides of thedisc space adjacent to the cervical spine.
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What is hypertrophic heart?

A hypertrophic heart is an enlarged heart, which is due to an increase in cell SIZE rather than cell number (the latter is referred to as "hyperPLASIA").

What is mild hypertrophic changes in the thoracic spine?

Literally, from Greek, 'hyper' is a word meaning 'over, or excessive' and 'trophic' means, 'feeding/nutrition, or in this case, 'growth' Medically, it means that there is som (MORE)

What is hypertrophic degenerative changes?

Hypertrophic degenerative changes refers to enlargement of aparticular organ or structure due to degeneration of that part. Anexample of this is in the musculoskeletal system, (MORE)
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What is uncovertebral spurring?

Uncovertebral spurring is also known as uncovertebral jointosteophytes or bone spurring. This happens when vertebral bodiesfrom the third to the seventh part of the cervical v (MORE)

What is a uncovertebral joint osteophyte formation?

Uncovertebral joints, which are smaller joints out to the side where the vertebra normally approximate one other so they're further out laterally. This is a reasonably comple (MORE)
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Hypertrophic obesity what is it?

Hypertrophic obesity is excessive weight gain in adulthood. And, a further explanation Hypertrophic is when the fat cells get bigger. This is as opposed to Hype (MORE)

What is facet hypertrophic change?

Facet hypertrophic change is a term commonly found in x-ray and MRI reports concerning the condition of the spine. A facet is a type of joint found at the back or rear port (MORE)

What does hypertrophic changes of joints of Luschka and zygapophyseal joints mean?

It can be hard to understand this medical language at times. Let's start as if you don't have a clue. The term hyper- means too much or above. So there is too much or an over- (MORE)

What are mild hypertrophic changes of the facets?

Facet joints are the joints of spine which permit movement between to vertebrae Their orientation decides the plane of movement. As person ages this joints my suffer from str (MORE)
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What is hypertrophic change?

The hypertrophic change is when muscles change from physicaltraining. It is considered the degeneration and enlargement of thefacet joint.