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Why is language arbitrary?

Languages are said to be arbitrary because there is no necessary or natural relationship between the words of a given language and the concepts that they represent. For exampl (MORE)
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Is language arbitrary?

This question is huge, and probably too broad to be answered to your satisfaction. The brain is equipped with whatever amazing capacities are required in order for us to acqui (MORE)
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Arbitrary in a sentence?

A judge may be criticized for rulings that appear to be arbitrary and without legal precedent.
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What is an Arbitrary Government?

Arbitrary Government is a government that is put into place withoutchoice or allowance from the people they govern. This governmenthas the power to judge without a rule and go (MORE)
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What are arbitrary powers?

Arbitrary powers are powers which are not guided or restricted byany laws. An example would be a government which isn't accountableto anyone outside of itself.
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What is arbitrary rule?

Something that is arbitrary is subject to being judgment orindividual will and is completely contingent on an individual's owndiscretion. Arbitrary rule is a ruling (usually f (MORE)
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What is Arbitrary unit?

Arbitrary unit means that you cannot calibrate your equipment and therefore you cannot tell us how your data compares to other data. "Arbitrary" means you produced it, and it' (MORE)
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Synonym for arbitrary?

random, chance, subjective, inconsistent, erratic, personal, whimsical, capricious
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What is an arbitrary scale?

subject to individual will or judgment without restriction;contingent solely upon one's discretion:
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What is an arbitrary point?

An arbitrary point is a point that is based on random choice orpersonal whim rather than reason or a system.
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What is an arbitrary integer?

An arbitrary integer is basically the same as any integer. If amath problem says: "Let n be an arbitrary integer", it means that ncan be any integer. A random integer in other (MORE)
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What is the definition of arbitrary?

(adj.) - determined by chance, whim, or impulse rather than by necessity, reason, or principle Arbitrary When something is arbitrary that means it happens by chance.
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What is arbitrary imprisonment?

the evolving form of imprisonment and detention. For example since there are very few death sentences prisons nowadays have programs for prisons to reform themselves like beco (MORE)
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Can language be arbitrary?

Human languages are arbitrary by nature: There is no reason why a furry domestic animal that purrs should be called cat , and not blop or fleechtafly . The fact that dif (MORE)
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What is arbitrary zero?

Arbitrary zero us a zero point which is set or convenience. It DOES NOT mean absence of the variable.
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What are some sample problems in differential equations involving the elimination of the arbitrary constant?

The only way to eliminate the arbitrary constant is if an extra equation is given that gives a value to y at a specific x. Example: Solve the differential equation, dy/d (MORE)
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What is a arbitrary triangle?

It is any triangle - one with no special characteristic - like a right angle, or two equal sides, etc.
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What is arbitrary exercise?

It is subject to individual will or judgment without restriction.
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What is arbitrary quantity?

It refers to a quantity that can have any value you want. Or perhaps any value within certain limits. It's basically "some stuff, we're not sure how much" gussied up in pret (MORE)