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What are suits?

Suits are clothing, obviously. But the word can also mean: LAWSUITS - civil legal actions EXECUTIVES - (slang, because that's what they wear) upper level employees of a comp (MORE)

What is a Suite?

A suite is usually a set of something, like a suite of furniture. In computing terms, a suite refers to a group of applications that come together as one set. Microsoft Offi (MORE)

How do you get the suit?

if it is on spy island then go to doctor spy glasses and ask him for an eye exam and if he points to an E that is facing left click right if it is up click down (do the oppisi (MORE)
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Whne did they stop making Race suits made of asbestos?

Asbestos fibers cause several fatal diseases including mesothelioma and lung cancer; the EPA regulates which products asbestos may be used in (like brake pads or cement) and g (MORE)

Why do they wear the suit that cleanroom technicians must wear while making computer chips?

Computer chips are made up of silicon. Silicon can be converted into p type or n type using the process of doping. Doping is a process of adding impurity. it means that by add (MORE)
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How do you answer a suit?

You answer a suit with the best legal representation you can afford.

How many space suits have been made?

Al Worden told me there are over 500 Apollo suits alone in archival storage at the Garber facility in Washington D.C. . I would assume there are considerable fewer Mercury an (MORE)

What is the suite?

A suite is a collection of pieces published together and often intended by the composer to be performed as one work during recitals or concerts. The pieces are usually united (MORE)