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Does black or blue cohosh work to induce labor and is it safe?

Answer . \nMy sister took black cohosh the day befor her due date and she went in to labor ten hours later. When we got to the hosbital I told the nurses that she had took (MORE)
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How many black cohosh pills do you take daily to induce labor?

3x a of 500 mg Do not use black cohosh to induce labor. It thins out the blood so you bleed more during labor. If you ask your doctor he will tell you not to take anything (MORE)
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Black or blue cohosh tea?

Black and blue cohosh tea are used to induce labor in women who areat full term pregnancy. Black and blue cohosh are used incombination for this purpose.
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Can black cohosh make breasts firmer?

Black Cohosh has long been reputed to benefit the breasts and is traditionally used by herbalists for this purpose. However, in modern times some herbalists no longer regard B (MORE)
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Where is black cohosh grown?

A native North American plant found on hills and in forests located at high levels. It is found from Ontario, Canada to Maine to the southern states of Georgia and Missouri.
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What are the precautions associated with using black cohosh?

Not to be taken during pregnancy except at the time of birth or by those with a chronic disease or by women taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy. Lower do (MORE)
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What is the recommended dosage of black cohosh?

Tea: Boil .5 tsp powdered block cohosh root per cup of water for 30 minutes. Tincture: Ten to 30 drops of extract diluted in water to be taken daily. 2 to 5 capsules (40 mg) m (MORE)
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What are some long term side effects of black cohosh?

Black Cohosh is a medicinal plant which is used by native Americans to treat snake bites. Use of Black Cohosh should be supervised by medical experts because intake of its jui (MORE)