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How can you meet Porn-queen Danielle Derek?

Answer . \nCheck her website and myspace (she probably has at least one of them) to see if she's going to appear at any adult film conventions or in store events. Many ad (MORE)
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Has maria kanellis been in porn?

\n. \npossibly\n. \nnothing hardcore... . she has done porn photos before; there is a video on youtube where she strips and another where she takes a bath.
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Was Lady Gaga a porn-star?

No, Lady Gaga was not a adilt film star. She was, however, a burlesque dancer in the early days of her career in New York's Lower East Side.
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Is it bad for a girl to love porn?

No, it's the same as a guy looking at porn! It's okay as long as it doesn't take over your life and you have to excuse yourself at dinnertime to look at some porn or hentai. (MORE)
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Is porn good for little kids?

hell yeah it is they need to learn sooner or later and for parents dont have sex in ur room if ur child is next door they might get scared but if u do use protection i think u (MORE)
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What is a porns stars name?

their name can be anything their parents named them unless they changed it
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Are porns bad?

no because it helps with hernia and as long as the women or men areabove or are 18
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Who has the signature 80's porn-stache?

Jaime Ungerland in fact has the grandest, jet black 80's porn-stache made signature in the late 80's. Currently a bus driver and lawn care professional. He manages to maintain (MORE)
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What WWE divas have porns?

I don't know anything for a fact but I have heard that Melina has a hardcore adult movie and that Ashley Massaro has a softcore adult movie. Of course there is One Night In Ch (MORE)
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Was Bin Laden a Porn-Addict?

Correct. According to the U.S. officials, Navy SEALS who seized bin Laden's laptop, thumb drives and documents (both printed and handwritten), also came across a huge trove of (MORE)
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When and where was ex-porn actress Viviana born?

Viviana is an ex-porn star actress who was born in San Diego,California in 1964. Viviana starred in 35 adult films beginning in1988 to 1993 when she left the adult film indust (MORE)
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Do girl watch porns?

of course we do we like hardcore and man on man
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How I can to make videos porns?

You basically good video cameras, lighting, actors and a private place to shoot the vids from