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What is radioactive decay?

Radioactive decay is the spontaneous change or disintegration of anunstable atomic nucleus as it transforms itself to lose energy. Itdoes this by the release of either particu (MORE)
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What is radioactive decay caused by?

Is the process by which the atomic nucleus becomes slightly smaller, as a result of the emission of particles, electromagnetic radiation, or both.. ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE is t (MORE)
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What happens when a radioactive atom decays?

There are three types of radioactive decay, alpha, beta and gamma. Alpha decay is when an unstable, or radioactive, nucleus gives off an alpha particle, which consists of two (MORE)
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Is radioactive decay the same as organic decay?

No, radioactive decay is not the same as organic decay. The basic difference between radioactive decay and organic decay is that in organic decay, chemical compounds break dow (MORE)
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What are the causes of radioactive decay?

An unstable nucleus, which can be caused by: . excess of neutrons . shortage of neutrons . metastable excited state of nucleus
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What actually decays in radioactive decay?

The nucleus of the atom decays, and in the process, the nucleus transforms into another element, or into an isotope or isomer of the same element. In radioactive decay, the nu (MORE)
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What follows radioactive decay?

Once radioactive decay has finished, the atom will be a new element, and will be a lot more stable
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When radioactive decay stop?

It will stop when there is nothing left to decay. There isbasically no way to stop certain nuclides (isotopes) from decaying.
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Is radioactive decay a predictable process?

Yes. The process proceeds at the same rate for any given sample of an isotope, such that its mass is reduced by half at some regular interval, called its half-life. The typ (MORE)
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What is the end result of radioactive decay?

transmutation, dude i was coming to you because im lazy, and then i realized it was the only one on this cross word work sheet that had 13 characters
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What are some problems caused by exposure to prolonged radioactive decay?

I think in order to answer this question, we may basically understand the very basics of Radiation: Basically radiation consists of several types of subatomic particles, pr (MORE)
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Are radioactive dating and radioactive decay the same?

Flying a kite is not the same as the wind blowing, but you need one for the other. Radioactive decay is not the same as radioactive dating, but you need the decay to get th (MORE)
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What causes radioactive decay and why?

Unstable configurations of protons and neutrons in the nucleus causes most of it. A relatively rare cause is when in very massive atoms the innermost shell of electrons (the K (MORE)
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What is radioactive decay-?

Radioactive decay refers to the spontaneous disintegration of theradioactive substances together with the emission of the ionizingradiation.