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What tv show had the song baby elephant walk for a theme song?

The Pink Panther Theme is called the Pink Panther Theme. Both pieces were written by Henry Mancini however. Baby Elephant Walk was the theme from the movie Hatari. It was n (MORE)
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Who invented the ABC Alphabet song?

Answer . The familiar "alphabet song" was originally copyrighted by Charles Bradlee in 1935, however he only created the lyrics. The tune is the same used for "Twinkle, Twi (MORE)
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Who sings the song ABC?

the group Jackson five plays it, but only Michael Jackson sings it. he was around seven or eight hen he started singing.
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What is the song on ABC 2008 spring promo?

The song from the promo I've seen (which has the lyrics "Take me away...") is "Pocketful of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield from the album of the same name. Some places I've (MORE)
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What is the ABC song?

There are several songs that may be referenced by the name, including: 1) The ABC Song (Alphabet Song) known to pre-schoolers 2) The song "ABC" recorded in 1970 by T (MORE)
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How do you sign up for The Baby Borrowers on NBC?

i really want to be on this show to help other teen see that have kids is not 13yr,female,i live in fayetteville nc,my name is karlianna not easy im a p (MORE)
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What is the baby borrowers game?

The Baby Borrowers game is a great parenting game that is designedto allow a teen to see what it is like to care for a baby. You canfind the game online at places like BBC.Co. (MORE)
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Who wrote the ABC song?

The song was first copyrighted in 1835 by the Boston-based music publisher Charles Bradlee, and given the title "The A.B.C., a German air with variations for the flute with an (MORE)
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How do you get the baby to sleep on baby borrowers game?

Pick up the baby by clicking on her and selecting "hold in arms.". Take the baby into the kitchen and open the fridge. Select a bottle of formula and click on the baby to fee (MORE)
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What song is baby baby baby?

The song could be Baby by Justin Bieber OR also it could be U2 - Ultraviolet, as the last person posted, so don't get your hopes up that it's just the Justin Bieber song. TL (MORE)
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What is the theme song lyrics to zoey 101 theme song?

Good Question. The theme lirics are:. Oh I know you see me standing here Do I look good my dear Do I look good today Oh Oh Oh I'm just another kind of girl And y (MORE)
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What is the theme of the play on borrowed time?

Death is a necessary part of life. It is not an ending but rather a beginning. When our destiny brings us to that moment, we should not be afraid but instead accept this next (MORE)
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What is the theme song lyrics to JONAS theme song?

its called Live To Party. Lyrics: i was sitting at home, watchin tv all aloone so tired of routines the day goes on nd on so i picked up da phone,called every one i no (MORE)
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Lyrics for the song ABC by the Jackson 5?

Buh buh buh buh buh buh Da da da da da da You went to school to learn girl What you never never knew before Like I before E except after C Why 2 plus 2 makes 4 na na na I'm go (MORE)
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What is the theme song lyrics to miss BG theme song?

BG:My name is BG, I hang out in a tree, I got so many friends who are crazy about me, Can my parents not see, that a daughter like me, Is the best thing that happen (MORE)
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What are the lyrics to ABC the hand game song?

The lyrics are: ABC, it's easy as 123. My momma got the allergy. Baby you and me. Ooh Ah, I wanna piece of pie. Pie too sweet, I wanna piece of meat. Meat too rough I wanna (MORE)
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What is a song with theme?

There are two meanings here. Theme is the subject matter, like Walking In the Rain is about love and a war-time separation angst. a Theme song would be a song specifically wri (MORE)
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How do you borrow songs for media productions?

If your medium uses existing music, there's no borrowing: there are permissions, which are requested and granted in writing and royalties or use fees paid by you to the copyri (MORE)
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Main theme of my lord the baby?

It's kind a heart felt because this story tries to tell us how atrue friend love the other. He could give and sacrifice his ownhappiness just to see Anukul to be happy. I felt (MORE)
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What is a theme of a song?

a theme song is a song that comes on for a specific thing like most shows have a theme song which is the song that comes on every time the show comes on
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What are the songs for cyberbully on ABC family?

Breathe Me- Sia (suicide scene) Drift- Emily Osment (scott is talking to another girl about the dance) Chit Chat- Hannah Geogas (somewhere in the beginning) Build You Up- Kim (MORE)
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Are theme songs real songs?

Yes! Though it depends on what you mean by a real song. Even songs that you make up can be considered real songs.
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What year was the ABC song invented?

The ABC song was invented in the year 1835 by Charles Bradley. This was a way to teach children there alphabet and sing to remember the letters in order.