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What are revolutionaries' view of God?

Which revolution are we talking about? This could mean the Russian revolution which resulted in an officially atheist government, the revolution in Iran that installed a fund (MORE)
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What was the revolutionaries view of god?

the revolutionaries believed in god and attempted to try to live their lives in accordance with the bible. however, they also believed god only helped those who helped th (MORE)
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What is the Nigerian igbo tribes views on God's creation?

The Traditional Igbo Religion view on God is that He is the ultimate creator named Chukwu, and has got messengers, or lesser gods known as alusi. These deities are then seen a (MORE)
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What is Judaism's view of gods?

We believe in One God, who created the universe. We have no "gods"or idols. We believe in One God, who created the universe. We have no "gods"or idols.
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Why and how did the Egyptians view the pharaoh as a god?

Pharaohs were not considered Gods but were consideredrepresentatives of the God, Horus. Oaths were sworn both to theGods as well as Pharaoh, to remind the people that they rel (MORE)
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What is the Rationalists view of God?

The rationalists' view of God is that he is unlikely to exist inthe way organized religions believe. Rationalists believe in usingreason.
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Transcendentalist view of god?

This study would be known as theology. A recognized degree in this field would earn the title of theologian.
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What is the American revolutionaries view of God?

The framers of the United States Constitution were seculardeists. It was for these reasons they created explicitconstitutional language separating church from state. This ises (MORE)
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What are the american revolutionaries view of God?

I believe that Manifest Destiny maybe one. This is basically when God told the white Americans of the East to move over to the west during the times of the Native Americans. . (MORE)
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How did the sumerian's view their gods?

The Sumerians believed in 3,000 plus gods to explain everything innature, but everything was not understood. Belief in so many godsmade the Sumerians a polytheistic people. Th (MORE)
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What gods did the Apache tribe believe in?

There are 6 different Apache tribes and each has it's own deities. For the mescalero Apache Yusan is the supreme god.Foe the Jicarilla it's Yinayesgoni etc.
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What was the puritans' view on God?

The Puritans would have held to Christian doctrines because they were Reformed in their theology. Reformed theology is also referred to today as monergism as well as Calvinism (MORE)
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How did the Greeks view their Gods?

As gods. They believed that the gods let them live only for their purpose and out of pity. Also, you don't capitalize gods.
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Do the Ottawa tribe believe in god?

No, most North American first nations had either a pantheon of gods or were pantheistic where "gods" or spirits inhabited everything. The Algonquian tribes in the area had th (MORE)
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In igbo tribe in nigeria whos pays for the wedding?

here's an excerpt from ujo(smthing) on nairaland 'for the Ibos, I know its the groom's family. Infact I've seen cases where weddings has been below standard of the bride's (MORE)
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What was the Greeks view of the Greek gods?

it depended on the god. they thought of Aphrodite as vain, Athena as wise, Zeus as powerful and flirtatious. Hera as jeulouse. and so on and so forth
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What are Buddhists view on the oneness of god?

Buddhists have no opinion on this question as they do not incorporate the concept of "god" into their beliefs. The presence or absence of any god(s) does not impact the imdivi (MORE)
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What is a Jehovah's Witness view of god?

Jehovah`s Witnesses believe that the real name of God is Jehovah which is based on Psalm 83:18.They also believe that Jehovah God is distinct from Jesus Christ and the Holy Sp (MORE)
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What is the puritens view of god?

The Puritans view of God was based solely upon the Word of God, the Bible, and was manifest in their holy living and zeal for God's Word. John Bunyan, who wrote The Pilgrim's (MORE)
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What are Hindu's views on God?

Hinduism has multiple gods, and at the same time only one - Brahman (not to be confused with Brahma). Brahma is considered the creator, Vishnu the protector and Shiva is t (MORE)
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How do Greek gods viewed their gods?

I don't think Greek gods had gods, but if you mean toward each other as gods well, from myths and stuff like that, they tended to fight a lot and sometimes hated each other.
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How do greek gods view bragging?

if a human says that they are better than a god, in any way, that human has commited the sin of Hubris, meaning they bragged about themselves. The gods punish those people ver (MORE)
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What is Judaism's view of God?

According to Judaism and therefore the origin of belief inmonotheism in general, God is a being that cannot be fullyunderstood by the human intellect. What we do know is that (MORE)
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How do Muslims view God?

Islam and Muslims (Islam religion followers) view Allah (God in English) as the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no companion, no associate, and no equivalence. A (MORE)
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Who was Ashanti and igbo tribe?

the ashanti are levite's from ancient yisrael or canaan,the igbo are children of gad,they two are from ancient canaan,and both are the cildren of yisrael.
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What tribe worshipped many gods?

From the ancient time to modern time, there are many tribe who worshiped many gods. That's maybe why they think that gods would help' em if they worship them. As a example, (MORE)
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How did Egyptians view the gods?

By and large the Egyptian people believed their gods and goddesses to be protectors of the balance in creation and providers to human gifts. This does not mean that the Egypti (MORE)
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How does god view a covenant with his people?

God views a covenant very serious. Just looking at the Old Testament, God made a covenant with the Hebrews, and he explained the blessings He would give if they followed the (MORE)
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Where can one view Nigerian movies online?

You can view Nigerian movies online at the Buni TV and Victola Videos websites. Alternatively, you can also watch these movies online at the Naijapals website.
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What is the Hebrew view of God?

God is One. The concept of a dualism (as in Zoroastrianism), an independent Satan, multiple gods (polytheism; paganism) or a trinity of three in one, are all unimaginable in t (MORE)
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What did the Igbo people believe about believe their God?

The Igbo people believed there god was the worst out of all the gods. They coveted many their tribal neighbors gods. Such as God Kristo(God of Wind), God Wudi Wu(God of Lightn (MORE)
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What is the Muslims' point of view on God?

God is the sole Creator of every thing in our universe and other universes. He is one and only one with no partner, no son, no father, no companion, no equivalence and no asso (MORE)
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What is your view of God?

Surely, in view of all the different ideas about God, we need a wayto know what is true, a standard that people can agree on. Toillustrate: Suppose that there is an argument a (MORE)