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How do you get hot wing sauce out of butcher block?

The easiest technique that we have found to get stains out of a butcher block, is to simply sand them out. Check with the manufacturer, but most butcher blocks are simply a bi (MORE)
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Does Katz's Deli have their own brand of coldcuts?

Katz's Deli does not have their own brand of cold cuts. However,you can order food from them that is cooked and prepared by them.They also carry Boars Head meats.
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Why does hot sauce taste hot?

Peppers have a chemical in them called capsicum that creates a "hot" feeling when ingested.
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What sauce does roosters wings use?

Roosters wing sauce is a custom sauce....each batch and flavor was hand made at each location, now the recipie is followed at a manufacturing facility. Main ingredients, Butte (MORE)
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What is in buffalo wing sauce?

Buffalo Wings. No, but seriously, the classic hot wing sauce basically consists of melted margarine and a hot sauce.
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Why use hot sauce on food?

Some people like hot sauce on food because they like spicy stuff. Some people don't use it because they can't bear it. Some people think it's very hot but they still like chal (MORE)
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What makes hot sauce hot?

Hot sauce is a condiment prepared from various types of chili peppers, including cayenne, jalapeño, and habanero peppers. ( Chipotle is smoked jalapeños). These peppers (MORE)
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How hot is buffalo wild wings blazin sauce?

Its rated at 200,000 - 350,000 scoville units. Which is about 70 times hotter than a Jalapeno. I have tried almost all of BWW sauces and its ranking of hotness is flawed. Wil (MORE)
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Is hot sauce a sauce?

yes, sauces are usually sauces. wow why do u think it called "hot sauce"? of corse its a sauce silly
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Is hot sauce Tabasco sauce?

Tobasco sauce is a type of hot sauce (a specific brand), the reverse is not true.
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Can you use chili sauce instead of hot sauce?

it should be ok but I'd add it slowly a bit at a time and taste as you go along because it might be hotter than hot sauce. Or it might not be as hot and you might need more.
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How hot is Frank's Hot Sauce?

I find it rather mild, one of the mildest sauces out there, but adds a bit of a kick to some things. It is somewhere around 450 on the Scoville scale. Their Extra Hot comes in (MORE)
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What are some famous brands of hot sauces?

There are multiple brands of hot sauces that are legendary and well known. These hot sauces are simply fantastic and they are identified immediately with their brand and reput (MORE)