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How do you fix the shutter of a canon ae-1 camera?

Shutter Makes a Squealing Noise... . Canon's A-series cameras were (and are) prone to developing a noisy squeal when the shutter is fired. The problem occurs when the lubri (MORE)
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Is the Canon Rebel XSi or the Canon Rebel XTi a better camera?

Better Between Canon Rebel XSi and Rebel STi . Canon Rebel XSi - for sure. It is newer than Canon Rebel XTi and has 12 MP while XTi has 10 MP. . Plus the XSi has live vie (MORE)
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What shutter speed does my video camera use?

Shutter speeds on Digital Video Cameras will typically be automatically adjusted. It will vary on the camera how much you can control the shutter speed. The most basic and low (MORE)
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What digital camera has the fastest shutter speed?

To the best of my knowledge, it is the Olympus E3 at 1/8000 second as of 2008. However, an important measure of digital camera speed is also fps (frames per second) as the cam (MORE)
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What are you setting when you set the shutter speed?

The amount of time that the shutter remains open - allowing light to pass through it to form the image.. Generally - a lower shutter speed would be combined with a smaller ap (MORE)
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What is the average shutter speed for a camera?

Most cameras have available shutter speeds from around 10 seconds to around 1/2000th of a second, so the average would be around 5 seconds. I don't think this is really what y (MORE)
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What is a good shutter speed for a digital camera?

I don't think the answer depends on digital or not. The average person can steadily hand-hold an SLR camera such that the safest slow speed is 1/lens focal length (e.g. FL=60m (MORE)
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What is the meaning of the shutter speed of a camera?

The shutter is similar to a door. It admits light into the camera. Shutter speed is how long light is admitted to the lens. Because it is a fraction of seconds, the higher the (MORE)
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How much are the canon rebel cameras?

Canon EOS Rebel T1i -- around $750 Canon EOS Rebel T2i -- around $850 Canon EOS Rebel T3i (newest model) -- around $1,000 Check for latest prices. They fluctuate (MORE)
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What is the lowest shutter speed you can set a camera?

It depends on what camera your using, some have it so that the shutter will stay open for seconds long. Some have a,"bulb" mode where the shutter stays open for the whole time (MORE)
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What is the shutter speed of a DSi camera?

About a second. When you trigger the camera to snap, the snap sound plays, and about a second later, the view of the DSi cam will be captured and saved as a pic.
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How do find shutter speed on camera?

There would be a circle of buttons so you press the middle thAT would take you to menu press shutter and there you go
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What is the definition of shutter speed in photography?

Shutter speed is how long the shutter stays open after you take a photo. The faster the shutter speed is, the less light you are letting in. How you should set your shutter s (MORE)
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Where can one purchase a Canon Rebel camera?

One can purchase a Canon Rebel camera from the following stores online; amazon, Target, Kenrockwell, Best Buy, eBay, PriceRunner, delupe, and Kelkoo store.