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In police officer training do you get tasered?

Only if the department requires their officers to carry a tazer. If so, then yes, all officers must be tasered If you do get tazered, you should make sure you Have no muscle i (MORE)
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What is the salary of a Coast Guard officer?

If you go to the follow military website (set-up by the gov.), and put in the O3 grade, which is an officer's grade, you will see that the salary reaches well into the 80k reg (MORE)
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What colleges offer Junior Reserve Officers training corps programs in Georgia?

Well... I know for a fact that Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps programs are found only in HIGH SCHOOLS. Also, the term is usually shortened toJROTC. Now, ROTC units are (MORE)
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How do you sign up for the navy junior reserve officer training corps?

Often, it is offered as an elective at large high schools near navy reserve centers. You can sign up with the rest of your high school classes. Sometimes it is during school, (MORE)
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What is the salary of an Indian coast guard officer?

ur basic pay is 15600+5400=21000 DA on 21000+ transport allowance depends on the category of city you are working+DA on transport allowance+400 kit maintenance allowance= yo (MORE)
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How much does a coast guard officer make?

Well considering they are a person(s) that works... They make money! $$$$ what did you fu**ing think hmmm... dumba$$ kids these days don't know whats going on
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How long is parole officer training?

Generally, they have a four year college degree in criminal justice or a related field and many have worked in the criminal justice system before becoming a parole officer.
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How long are police officers in training?

Once a police officer candidate is accepted into a law enforcement agency, he or she must attend 12 - 14 weeks of police academy training before starting the job. Other requir (MORE)
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Are police officers trained to fight?

They take some combatives training. How thorough it is really depends on the individual departments and their training staff. The training is more focused on avoiding physic (MORE)
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Who are considered Commissioned officers in the Coast Guard?

The Coast Guard uses the same rank structure as the Navy. Thus, anyone who wears the rank of Ensign, Lieutenant JG, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, or an (MORE)
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What is the difference between a police officer and a security guard?

Police officers are generally employed by governmental organizations, and can make arrests, serve warrants and court orders, and carry firearms on and off duty and in plain vi (MORE)
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How long is a the training for a probation officer?

The Probation Department is regulated by STC and must complete a certain amount of training hours to be a Probation Officer. It varies by state. In California, it is approxima (MORE)
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Do police officers get enough training?

Yes they have plenty of practice before becoming a real police. So if you get into trouble you can always trust the police.
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How can it be 195 commission officers in the coast guard?

The correct answer to your question is: as of September 15th, 2004 there were 6,183 Commissioned Officers and 1,505 Commissioned Warrant Officers, for a total of 7,688 officer (MORE)
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Why do police officers need training?

You need training for any profession e.g. hairdresser, footballer, athlete, doctor etc. And especially a job as a policeman where there is a lot of skill, focus, cleverness, s (MORE)
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How are police officers trained for a crises?

US police officers are receiving mental health crisis training. It's for the officers to decide what to do in a certain situation such as if they should arrest a subject or to (MORE)