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What is a perm?

A perm is also called a relaxer because it chemically relaxes the natural curls of your hair. There is a lye version and a no-lye version. The lye version is was developed bef (MORE)
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Are there different kind of perms?

Well kinda sorta. Like there are sizes you can get. Idk but i got a body wave yesterday and like yeah there are sizes. The smaller the size the bigger the curl. I hope I help (MORE)
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How are surface waves different from body waves?

A body wave is a seismic wave that moves through the interior ofthe earth, as opposed to surface waves that travel near the earth'ssurface. P and S waves are body waves. Each (MORE)
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Can you put wave nouveau on top of a perm or relaxer?

NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! Your hair will SERIOUSLY break off and become damaged. The only way to put in a wave nouveau "on top" of a relaxer is to cut out or grow out the relaxer fir (MORE)
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How do you do a perm?

Well, first u should shampoo and conditioner the hair thourouly. Then u should curl it and use a lot of hair sprays.
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What is the difference between texturzier and a perm?

A texturizer is a mild relaxer but a relaxer nonetheless. The only difference between the two is the amount of time left on the head. Where as you'd leave a relaxer on for 20 (MORE)
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Styles with a wave nouveau perm?

\n. I washed my wave nouveau perm today and was very happy with the results. My concern was it was a little tangled. But other than that it was fine. Please give suggestion (MORE)
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How do you get your perm out?

The only way to get a perm out is to glue it within 24 minutes of receiving the perm to deactivate the glue.
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Can you straighten Wave Nouveau permed hair?

No, because if you used a flatiron it will like brun yourhair.because of the hair care pruducts if you read on the bottleflamable.hope this answers you question
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What does waving lotion do in a perm?

It breaks the hydrogen and disulfide bonds (bonds in and between proteins chains of the hair) in order to get perfect perms.
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Which dry curl perm is better wave by design or wave nouveau?

Both of them look awesome. The first time i did my curl perm i used Wave Noveu then my hair dresser switched to Wave By design because she ran out. But on a daily basis, like (MORE)