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Can you drive at the age of 15?

yes, in some states if you have a learners permit you can drive at 15, as long as you are with a liscenced driver in the passenger seat.
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What age can you get a driving license?

Well in Canada we have what's called a Graduated Licencing System, and you can start when you turn 16. You can take a test and receive a G1 licence, that means you can only dr (MORE)
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What are the pros and cons of driving age?

Youth has the advantage of faster reaction times, are usually more easily distracted and lack the essential experience. Senior citizens have slower reaction times, pay closer (MORE)
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Legal age to drive in Arkansas?

14 with a learner's permit and a licensed adult. Title 27 Transportation Subtitle 2. Motor Vehicle Registration And Licensing Chapter 16 Driver's Licenses Generally Subchapte (MORE)
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What is the UK driving age limit?

At 17, a learner may begin to drive on the public highway and passtheir test to receive a full driving licence. There is no upper agelimit for driving.
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Cons for the driving age to 18?

There are many things you could say but I'll start off as it's a big part to teenagers to get their license. Many teenagers look forward to getting their license and it makes (MORE)
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Who made the driving age law?

(in the US) The legislatures of the various individual states make the laws governing the driving age for their state. There is no uniform natinowide law.
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Benefits of lowering the driving age?

Quite a few countries outside of North America do not have an age restriction. For students who are in rural areas this would be a benefit for education There are no res (MORE)
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Should you drive at the age of 13?

No, keyword: children. A driver must fully respect and understand the laws of the highways. When a person gets behind the wheel, they are taking on a huge responsibility.
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What is the average age of under age driving?

Usually kids begin to drive at about fourteen or fifteen. sometimes younger but in most cases or at least mine and many of my friends, parents have begun to enable you to driv (MORE)