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How old is Kiara?

Venezuelan actress Kiara (Gloria Sabrina Gómez Delgado) is 54 years old (birthdate May 14, 1963).
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What does the name kiara mean?

Kiara is a Modern English variant of two names. It can come from Ciara , which is the feminine form of the Irish Ciar ; meaning "Black." Or, it also may come from Ch (MORE)
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What dose kiara mean?

If this is the same as Ciara, it come from the Irish Gaelic Ciar [kear] and means 'dark or black-haired.
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What rhymes with Kiara?

actually that couldn't really rhyme with anything but it can rhyme with some other names... chiara, ciara, khiara and more...... it cal also rhyme with the word tiara.... that (MORE)
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What does kiara efron look like?

First of all, Kiara Efron is Zac Efron's (from High School Musical) sister. She is four years old and is small.
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What does the name kiara stands for?

it means that it is a precoius name and the name earl and kiara makes a good name it stands for somebody god knew
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Is kiara a good name?

yes!! it shows power and it is really pretty and if she is blonde i would deffinetly name her that!! go with that name!!
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Are Kiara and kovu in love?

Well... of course there in love. If they weren't in love would kiara have left Pride Rock to find kovu after Simba EXILED HIM?
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What did Saint Kiara do?

Kiera ,also called Cera, was an Irish virgin who was said to be in the bloodline of the Kings of Connor. There are two stories connected with the saint. The first is that she (MORE)
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In which movie does Kiara and Kovu have cubs?

There isn't any Lion King movie recently made that features Kiara and Kovu's cub(s) as Disney has not announced that a sequel to The Lion King II is in production.
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Who are kiara and kovu's cubs?

There aren't any official names for Kiara and Kovu's cubs. The answer to your question is left to fanfiction.
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Who are kiaras cubs?

There aren't any official names for Kiara's cubs. The answer to your question is left to fanfiction.
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Is Kopa older than Kiara?

No, because Kopa isn't an official character; he doesn't exist in the canon universe where Kiara exists. This is evident from the commentary track by the first film's makers o (MORE)
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Who plays kiara on Jonas la?

Kiara from Disney's Jonas L.A. is played by China Anne McClain! Kiara is the niece of big Rob and the first one to find out that Nick and Macy are dating! China starred (MORE)
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How did kovu and kiara get married?

Towards the end of TLK2, the lionesses gather in a circle around Simba, Nala, Kiara, and Kovu. Simba nods at Rafiki (symbol of giving his daughter away) and Rafiki then takes (MORE)
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Is kiara a Irish name?

Yes!it is a Irish name my name is kiara I love it I like being part Irish too so yea kiara is a Irish name
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Is kiara a good name for a girl?

Yes! Kiara Can Be A Good Name For Name For A Girl. Yes a very Beautiful name meaning Clear Bright and Famous.
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Where is the r and b group kiara?

The R&B group Kiara is no longer recording Cd\'s or performing collectively. The lead singer Gregory Charley lives in the ATL where he is still recording and producing tracks (MORE)
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Is kiara a Disney princess?

If your talking about the Lion Kings Kiara, then I don't think so. Everyone normally sticks with SnowWhite, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and sometimes Jasmine. Lately t (MORE)
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Who is kiara carrizales?

she is a smoking hot girl who can sing and dance. she also played a guitar at the lmms talent show called liberty idol. also all the haters are a f****** a*******! my name is (MORE)
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What is the Italian translation of the Italian-American name 'Kiara'?

Chiara is an Italian equivalent of the Italian-American name Kiara. Specifically, the Italian and the Italian-American names are feminine proper nouns whose English equivale (MORE)
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Who is Kiara Crazychick on Facebook?

Kiara Crazychick.... well thats me! Keep asking questions about me! I love seeing myself online and i will answer them all!
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Did you know that simba had two kids named kiara and kopa who was the older male cub but for the movie they decided to not to put kopa in it?

That is not true. 1.) Kopa was created into a few books by an outsider children's book writer who did not even know that there would be a child of Simba and Nala in the mov (MORE)
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What is the color of the name kiara?

Green . Your name tells people that you are harmonious and balanced. You've got it together, and it shows. You are hopeful and optimistic. You know it's not over until it's (MORE)