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What was King Tutankhamun's mother's name?

The mummy discovered and referred to as "the Younger Lady" isthought to be the mother of King Tutankhamun. Unfortunately as ofthis time there have been no solid claims made as (MORE)
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What state is named after a British King?

Carolina was named by King Charles the Second of England after his father Charles the First. Carolinus being Latin for Charles.
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Name the stores that are in Kings Island?

King's Island is an amusement park in Cincinnati, OH. Any storesinside of the park sell things related to the park. Examplesinclude hats, shirts, sweatshirts, and souvenirs.
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What was King Arthur's dad's name?

King Arthur is a legendary character and it is disputed that heever existed. He was most certainly never King of England. The linkbelow makes interesting reading ------------ (MORE)
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What is the Common name for the king cobra?

King Cobra (Ophiophagus hanna), the Latin word Ophiophagus means "Snake-eater". General Information King Cobra Scientific Classification Kingdom: An (MORE)
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Names of kings?

The monarchy of the Kingdom of England began with Alfred the Great. He was succeeded by Edward the Elder. The last King of Englandwas George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II.
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Who was king Pacal?

King Pacal is one of the greatest kings of the Maya. He was born in 603 A.D. in the City of Palenque. He was a King at the age of 6, and became of ruler of the Maya at the age (MORE)
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What were the names of King Saul's children?

Jonathan, Abinadab, and Melchishua I Sam. 31:2 . Oldest daughter was Merab in I Sam. 18:17 . In the book of 2 Samuel Chapter 2 and verse 12, it mentions another one of Saul' (MORE)
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Who was pacal?

Pacal was the name of a Mayan lord, they found his grave- it was one of the greatest tombs ever founded for the Mayan culture.
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What is the name of the king in movie Lion King?

It depends on which king you are referring to. Mufasa was the king in the beginning of the film. After Mufasa died, Scar became king until he defeated by his nephew, Simba, wh (MORE)
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What leader's name was Lion King?

in the 13th legacy the tribe leader know as gibachi hang was elected as the lion king when he had fought off a lion from killing a baby
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What is king kamehamehas full name?

Kalani Paiʻea Wohi o Kaleikini Kealiʻikui Kamehameha o ʻIolani i Kaiwikapu kaui Ka Liholiho Kūnuiākea .
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What is a good king name?

It really depends, it could be a actual name or simply a name the king wants to be called. King Arthur King Bob --- Or they can make up a name King Forge The Great King Ash (MORE)
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Girl names in the Lion King?

The Lion King: Nala (Simba's childhood friend) Sabari (Simba's Mother) I don't think the Movie ever tells you what Nala's Mother name is. Shenzi (Sp? The female Hyena) (MORE)
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Name the kings after Louis xvi?

Officially, Louis XVI was the last real King of France of the old regime. He was the last King of France with actual reigning power. After him, Napoleon Bonaparte crowned hi (MORE)
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What was the name of the first king and queen?

This is a tricky question. The first king and queen ever or of a particular land? I personally choose to talk about the Egyptian people who exalted Pharaohs as their rulers. P (MORE)
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What does King Sennacherib's name mean?

Sennacherib is an Akkadian name and is spelled Id SU.EN.Å EÅ .MEÅ . iri-ba in the Oriental Institute's Sennacherib Prism. The ( I ) means that what follows is a person (MORE)
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What is the American name for a king cobra?

King Cobra (Ophiophagus hanna). General Information King Cobra Scientific Classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Squamata (MORE)
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What was King Soloman's wife's name?

King Solomon had over 700 wives, but the only one mentioned by name is Naamah - the wife of Solomon's successor.
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What is the name of the hero in the Lion King?

In the Lion King, the main hero's name is Simba. The story followsthe journey of how Simba becomes the king of his tribe afterSimba's father is killed by his uncle Scar. Simba (MORE)
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What is the author's name of ''The Lion King''?

Pretty much everyone who was involved in the story production forthe film while Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and Linda Woolvertonare the main screenwriters.
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What did King Anenhotep change his name to?

His original name was Amenhotep IV. He then changed his name to Akhenaten. This was because he wanted to name himself after Aten the sun god.
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What is bahrains king name?

The current (March, 2013) King, and head of state, of Bahrain is King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa..
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Was martin king real name?

no his original name was Michael Luther king but he changed it when he was five
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Who owns the name the mello kings?

The singing group The Mello-Kings is trademarked and owned byMessrs. Jerry Scholl, Joseph Magnetico and Michael Mansueto.
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How old is Pacal II?

Pacal II was born on March 26, 603 and died on August 31, 683. Pacal II would have been 80 years old at the time of death or 1412 years old today.
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Was Pacal the great really that great?

Yes, he was. He's one of the greatest Mayan rulers ever. He built the Temple of Inscription and the big palace in Palenque. He also took down the city Calakmul. Just Google hi (MORE)