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What is the song in the NBA 'Where Amazing Happens' Commercial It is an instrumental Piano piece?

Answer . It's not "Everyday". The song is from Ludovico Einaudi and is called "Fly" (ps my entry is wrong. dont listen to me im an idiot) its actually everyday. The song f (MORE)
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What are the notes on piano from iPad commercial?

Left hand : c,c e,e a,a c,c d,d f,f g,g b,b Right hand : c,c,c c,b,a,b,c,d, e,e,e, e,d,c,d,e,f,g,c, a,g,f,e,d,c, this is At the end but is tricky so u can use it if u want to, (MORE)
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What is the name of the song in the xfinity ipad commercial?

Hey, I was the music supervisor on this one, the artist is Rabbit! the song is "Great is Better" it's the first song off the album "Connect the dots" hope you like, I've also (MORE)