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What is the pok-a-tok ball made out of?

the Pok-ol-pok ball is made out of rubber found and made from the bark of a tree 3000 years ago. you play by hitting the ball with your hip, by wearing a bronze belt. actua (MORE)
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How did the game pok ta pok last?

The mayan's made the game last by using only their hips, heads, arms, and butts, but usually didn't use their heads. Sometimes the game went on for days or even weeks. The los (MORE)
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Why did the mayans play pok-a-pok?

to entertain them in life. Not only did they play to entertain themselves that also played on special occasions. The teams would play against each other and the winning tea (MORE)
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What does pok pok mean in tagalog?

"Pok pok" in tagalog, is an obscene word for a woman, It simply means prostitute. Please do not use this word because it's very offensive. "Pok pok" is a woman who would lo (MORE)
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What are the rules for the pok-ta-pok from the Maya?

Pokta-Pok is a game played by the mayans. You couldn't use your feet nor hands.It was so hard to play that the team that got the ball through a hoop would automatically win. T (MORE)
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Who played pok-a-tok?

Every Mayan city play pok a tok with a ballcourt.
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How did they play pok-a-tok?

In the Mayan cities their would be a large rectangle "pit" one each end there is a circle sticking out of the side and at one end would be a line. Anyone could play men or wom (MORE)
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Wake Pokemon in pok yellow?

You go to Lavender Town and travel to the top of the Pokemon Cemetery. At the top you will encounter a Marowak. Defeat it and there is a woman who gives you a Poke Flute. With (MORE)
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What is pok dance?

I admit, I have not been on this website in a long time, hevower it was joy to find it again. It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even professionals! I thanx (MORE)
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What does the Swedish word pok mean?

PoK or pok stands for "puss och kram", which means kiss and hug. It is used in sms, emails or other electronic communication.
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What does pok stand for?

PoK (most often listen in news) stands for Pakistan occupied Kasmir
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How was the game of pok a tok played?

you were not allowed to touch the ball with your hands and feet and the goal was to get a rubber ball through the hoops. It was played with six people on each side.
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How do you spell pok a dot?

The colored filled-circle designs on clothing and material are polka dots (the adjective form may be polka-dot or polka-dotted).
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Why is pok mon awesome?

Pokemon is awesome for a variety of reasons. The adorable monstersand heroes of the Pokemon franchise are not only cute, they areformidable. The game that goes along with the (MORE)