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What is a pass key security system?

The Pass-Key, Pass-Key II, or VATS, as it's called in earlier GM vehicles, uses a resistor mounted in the key blank to confirm that the correct ignition key is being used to s (MORE)

What is the security key for dsi?

The security key is the WEP or WPA encryption code used to access a wireless router. The key itself is part of the router, so if you don't own the router, then you don't need (MORE)

Is the public key more secure than private key?

The questions is not really which key is more secure - rather it is a question of "can you determine the private key if you know the public key?" Public and private keys ar (MORE)
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What are the features of a secure USB key?

A USB key is a data storage device that can easily be plugged into devices such as computers and tablets in order to transfer and store data. A secure USB key has special encr (MORE)