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What are the greatest songs ever?

theres too many to list but i think that. Freak on a Leash - Korn. Helena - My Chemical Romance. Living on a Prayer- Bon Jovi .. now who doesnt love Bon Jovi ? ;D ahah. La (MORE)
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Is Brett Favre the greatest qb to ever play the game?

Yes. Brett Favre is not only the greatest qb to ever play the game. he is the greatest player to ever play in the NFL he owns every record in the books and was a blast to watc (MORE)
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What is in your opinion the greatest song ever?

Every user will have a different answer to this question. It also depends on what genre of music this question is based on. Is it rock, rap, pop, jazz etc. ? But since the o (MORE)
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What is the greatest television commercial ever?

Go back to 1976 and watch the commercial for Xerox copy machines. The setting is in a monastery where a monk named Brother Dominic has spent years creating a masterwork of wri (MORE)